SmugMug’s Startup Story in the Spotlight

Recently the Mountain View Patch came to visit us at SmugMug HQ to feature us in the Startup Spotlight:

We’re not really a startup and are excited about entering our 10th year of profitable business! But old habits die hard and we still act like one: We’re nimble, hiring like crazy and we stay close to our customers.

Take a look to learn about our modest beginnings and how we’ve worked hard to be successful bringing you big, beautiful, ad-free galleries you know and love. Plus, find out how being stretchy can make or break you in this rapidly-changing digital age, and meet a few high-profile neighbors in SmugLand.

We’re tickled that we’ve come so far through the years. Of course we couldn’t have done it without you: our friends, fans and family!

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4 thoughts on “SmugMug’s Startup Story in the Spotlight”

  1. The one thing that you left out is the best customer service on the planet.

    Smugmug sets the bar that all companies big and small should emulate. That service alone is worth every cent that it takes to be a smugmug customer.

  2. I’ve been with Smugmug almost as long as they’ve been around (started my site in 2003!) I could not be happier with their services!!! Smugmug is truly the best around! I love you guys!

  3. We’ve referred many of our clients for you. Beginners can easily upload photos and I can customize it to match their website. And the customer services is incredible. THANKS!

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