Say Cheese! A Fun Friday Giveaway from Photojojo

Hey happy snappers! It’s Fun Photo Friday and we thought we’d do some Random Acts of Giveaways with our pals over at Photojojo.

If you aren’t already phamiliar… er, familiar with their great photo doodads and gadgets in their shop, you haven’t lived yet. Their carefully curated selection is guaranteed to make even the most serious photojournalist crack a smile.

Introducing the Ring Flash

Today they’re giving away the fashion photog’s dream toy: The Ring Flash, which turns your existing off-camera strobe into a glamorous party trick.

Hand model not included. (Sorry!)
Feast your eyes on that perfect, even lighting.

Here’s how to win yours

Ready to be the life of the party?

1. ‘Like’ SmugMug’s Facebook page HERE.
2. ‘Like’ Photojojo’s Facebook page HERE.
3. Comment below with a link to one of your pics that you think needs a little lighting help.

We’ll tag a random winner on Friday, February 24, 2012. They’ll get a chance to blind all their favorite pals/coworkers/neighbors with their brand new toy.

…. AND they’ll also win a free 11×14 float-mounted print 11×14 MetalPrint* from SmugMug. Because as the saying goes, keep your friends close and the embarrassing pictures of them even closer. 🙂

Happy flashing!

HOORAY, UPDATE: It’s time to announce the winner and from our hat we drew…. Mimi Thai! Congrats, Mimi and we hope you love your new Ring Flash! Keep your eyes peeled for a note from us breaking the good news.

* We just thought we’d up the ante to MetalPrints (value $50) cuz they’re awesome. And you guys rock.

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940 thoughts on “Say Cheese! A Fun Friday Giveaway from Photojojo”

  1. I’ve been drooling over that ring flash since PhotoJojo introduced it! And our most recent session certainly could have used it – here’s an example of a forced vignette via on-camera flash because our last-minute location choice was obscenely poorly lit.

    Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  2. I went to a Yurt last weekend where there was no electricity so most of my pictures sucked
    This is an example

  3. OMG I’ve always wanted a ring flash! This is great. Here a picture a took with natural light. It would’ve been great to have that flash!! =)
    Thank youu!

  4. I definitely could have used it on this photo. Although it was taken a couple years ago, I’m still a poor college kid and don’t have many lighting options other than desk lamps. 😦

  5. This would be awesome to have instead of using using floodlights on a bunch of different sides to get even lighting, like I had to do during this photo shoot!

  6. photojojo always has the coolest gadgets, and for a developing photographer, these gadgets will come in handy!


  7. I wasn’t trying for a silhouette here but that’s what the camera wanted. The built-in flash would not have helped because the lens would cut off the bottom coverage. Help!

  8. Besides the fact that this would make me a much more effective photographer, it would make my smoking hot wife love me so much more.

  9. You may not realize by looking at it, but this photo needed a lot of work. It was extremely back lit and the man’s face was in deep shadow. It took a lot of Photoshop work to bring this image into correction.

    Thai Man

  10. I am labeling today fairytale friday. Why? Because this ring flash is a DREAM come true. I could really use one as seen here…

    I wouldn’t have needed 6400 iso and 1/15 shutter speed (HANDHELD!!!). this photo would have been sharp and well-lit. PERFECT.

  11. Hello there
    Would have loved to have a light ring to help bring out the colors of this snake! This picture doesn’t do it justice.

  12. The ring flash could have added a unique element to an already eccentric photo. I would be willing to recreate this photo to demonstrate. 🙂


    My mind is already racing with possibilities and ideas!

  13. I’m using a Canon 7NE with a bad lens. SLR’s sometimes might be tough with bad lenses like mine -it starts from f/4-, ’cause we just can find ASA 100-200 films, and in this case they are need too much light or stupid tripods. In low light, the grains, blurs and other things of film killing me. If I had a ring flash for my macro-likes, fashion-shot tryings, it would be uber-duber perfect.

  14. If there was the ring flash maybe I wouldn’t overexpose the forest and still have the subject brightly lit… maybe

  15. Here is an example of one of my photographs that needed better lighting.

    It would be a great item to help with photographs with seniors, weddings, and modeling sessions that I do.

  16. I wish I could have used it here to give the image more depth and not have to use this ugly available light from the Bonfire I had. Would have gotten wayyyy better images to look back on.

  17. I could have really used a flash ring here. i was using a led flashlight from the bottom with natural light from the top. a ring flash would be amazing, and i would not look so goofy taking my shots.

  18. The one pet peeve I have about brown eyes is how they seem to lose their details in the dark. Now some more even lighting may be able to help me out on this 😀 ❤ I've been dying for this flash to help me out with some portraits, actually. c:

  19. It would have been great for this! I’d much rather have the nice ring flash eyes than little pinpoints of light! Also, I wouldn’t have had to drag my floor lamp around for lighting.

  20. I actually avoid taking certain photos right now because I do not have an external flash, I haven’t been able to spend the money to replace my broken flash unit. I would be taking a lot more photos if I had a new flash!

    I really could have used a good flash, especially a ring flash when I took these pictures of my friends band!!!!!i=1056807107&k=XptbY&lb=1&s=A

  21. I could definitely use a ring flash , I do a lot of concert photography and usually the lighting is just horrible , it would really really help out a lot , and especially for live videos . It would be super cool if I won , just saying .

  22. Hmm. I’m reposting to see if I can get the picture to show.

    A little less dark, a little more light, a ring flash?


  23. I could have used the Flash here it would he brought her face more into focus, Thanks! file:///Users/aprilbob/Desktop/DSC05399.jpg

  24. Being a photojournalist, it is always difficult to find the perfect lighting!
    If only his face would have been lit up a bit more–this photo could have looked a lot better.

    And we all know that gym lighting is a nightmare. I’m so tired of the washed out colors!

  25. I would love to have a ring flash. I have a good start on photography equipment for something I love and have lots of photos that would be improved by using a ring flash but I don’t have an account set up yet to post a link….

  26. Well if this doesn’t convince you that I needed the ring flash I don’t know what would. (I really wish I got this “in the moment shot” ):

  27. > It will be great for shooting toys!!!!

    (Also, for those who put they facebook URL image.. PLEASE don’t copy the adreess bar, beloww says… Want to share your photo? You can give friends or relatives this link:… or the other people can’t view your post…)

    Cheers from Mexico :3

    we love caturday!! ❤

  28. I could definitely use the help of this flash for portrait pictures. Then I wouldn’t have to use my ghetto lighting set up with all the lamps I own in my house.

    The Element of Surprise

  29. I am already a facebook fan of both Smugmug and Photojojo.

    This photo makes me kind of sad. My son rarely smiles real smiles when I point a camera at him. Not only is the focus off but the lighting is off too. Obviously a snapshot but if I would have put a little effort into it, this shot could have turned out to be a keeper.
    Time for Summer Mohawk!

  30. I would love one of these flashes. I don’t have any external flashes at the moment, but this one looks like I would use it the most. I don’t have any fancy lenses and am still just shooting for fun, but I think this would be a fun toy to experiment with. I don’t post my dark photos, so I have alot that aren’t online. But here’s one I wish I had better lighting for.

  31. RingFlash, This Photo Needs You!

  32. This one, I could have done better on.
    brother and sister
    Incidentally, you’re announcing the winner on my birthday. My 24th birthday. On the 24th. So winning would be a nice gift.

  33. There was horrible lighting in the room, this was the best I photo I got of them! Could have really used the help of the ring flash! please please pleeeaaase!!!

  34. I think a good ring flash would have helped the lighting in this photo. I took it on a very sunny day and the tree was slightly backlit, many of the blossoms are too shady. Needs a good fill flash!

    Crabapple cropped

  35. SO CLOSE but my cheap external just isn’t doing it! This ring flash would be perfect for the parties and weddings I shoot for clients, and for other photographers! ❤

  36. definitely could’ve been used for this self portrait


    Although I like the colouring, the lack of good light takes away any engagement there might’ve been.

  37. Oh man, there was an entire party where I was supposed to photograph guests and they were all SO dark. Unfortunately, those photos don’t belong to me, so I’ll post this one of my husband instead that would have been improved by a better flash.

  38. I would love the ring flash for my new photography business. I wish you could see this cute little guys face better!


  39. I have far too many to choose from, but here’s one:

    I had to fiddle endlessly with that photo to make it work for a publication.

  40. A little fill light might of made it pop!!i=865468464&k=fJRJb&lb=1&s=A


  42. I would love this for my start up Photography company!
    I feel this picture would have had more of a pop if I could have pulled off more of a flash.

    lace shadows

  43. Would love to have a ring flash to support my model shoots. I would use one either as a shadow free key light or to add a distinctive catchlight in my model’s eye. Here, I use a reflector for fill but a ring light would have made the eyes pop more.

  44. I was pregnant here with my daughter and this was one of many trip with our son to Disney and wish there was better lighting in that dark room to meet Mickey. It Scared my son a bit

  45. Always need more light for flower pictures. This was shot at 1/80th second because I had to stop down to f/20 to get the depth of field necessary. Thank you! I am a longtime SmugMug Pro user:

  46. all i have is natural light to make things bright, with a ring light
    this photo could have been like a thousand times happier.

  47. all i have is natural light to make things bright, with a ring light
    this photo could have been like a thousand times happier.

  48. I would love to win this as I am doing my own business in photography, I am trying to collect as much items i can get for photography.. This would be a awesome items to put in with my collections as since i dont have really good lighting, this will be magnification idea

  49. I have used these for 20 some years and this one looks cool! This image is a example of what you can do with a ring flash! I froze the YoYo with just enough shutter speed to get a motion blur on the YoYo bit still fill in Scott.

    This image is of Scott Monty, Scott is the head of Ford Motor Companies Global Social Media. I would love to tell him that his image won a flash for me. Between the two of us we have over 200K followers!

    Bob Wydra

  50. Wow, thanks for the chance to win! I would sure have more lighting in this photo:

    Thank you and good luck everyone!

  51. This would help me so much with animal portraits, theater shots, and human portraits! Here’s a shot from a really dark freak show.


  53. I shoot on a 50mm lens which I love bus as I shoot manual and my hotshoe flash is manual too it doesn’t always work 😦 I would love a flash ring as I am doing shallow depth of field portraits for my exhibition in college and this would allow me to get up close and personal. Also taking photos of children a great flash like this will allow me to shoot at a higher shutter speed and capture the precious moments.

  54. If I had used a ring flash while making this imageI may have been able to adjust the aperture and shutter differently– may have been able to avoid the shadow and blown out parts of the image. I am very anxious to try this option!