The New SmugMug Is Here

Friends, photographers, cameramen, have we got news for you.

This morning, we pushed the button on one of the most exciting things we’ve ever built: a whole new SmugMug. We’ve dreamed about bringing you this kind of incredibly beautiful, powerful photo experience from day one and we hope that no matter what you do and who you are, you’ll love it, too.

The Biggest Launch Since 2002

We razed the walls, stripped the wiring and built a better, stronger SmugMug from the ground up. It looks better, works better and (if we did things right) it’s more intuitive and easy to use.

You’ll notice a brand-new look and feel that showcases your photos more beautifully than ever before.

We’ll notice that it’s easier to bring you lots of new features in the coming years.

Best of all, it’s all ready and waiting for you. All you have to do is try it.

New SmugMug:

Compare with the old SmugMug:

How do I use the new SmugMug? Will I lose all my stuff?

No! Unlike many other services, we’re not forcing you to ditch your existing site. You’ll have your very own secret preview mode that contains all your galleries, so that you can personalize it and get familiar with the new features. While it sounds scary, migration simply copies your website contents into a virtual sandbox that only you can see. When you’re ready, YOU unveil your changes and make it public.

In short, there are now 3 possible states of SmugMug: Non-migrated SmugMug accounts (legacy), accounts in private preview (migrated), and the new SmugMug.

We’ll ask if you’d like us to migrate your photos, memories and videos to the new SmugMug. While you experiment with the new features, your fans and clients will still see your old website, like always.

What content migrates? Your photo and video files as well as all the data associated with each: stuff like captions, keywords, geotagging, etc. If you’re a Portfolio or Business account holder, your pricing, marketing tools and pro sales will work normally during migration as well as when you’re in the new SmugMug. (No profits left behind!)

What won’t migrate? Unfortunately, advanced customizations made in the old system aren’t compatible with the new system. This was a very hard decision because we know many of you put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into customizing your sites. However, it’s so much easier to customize your site and the designs are so much more compelling, we hope you’ll forgive us.

Before I migrate, what can I expect?

Here are a few special things to consider as you’re working in preview mode:

  • Migrating and unveiling is a one-way street. Once you unveil your changes you can’t go back to the old SmugMug.
  • Changing gallery settings or rearranging photos will take effect on both your new and old site.
  • Your visitors won’t see any rearrangements of your folders and galleries while you remain in preview mode.
  • If you create new galleries in preview mode, they will be visible on your current SmugMug site in a new category called ‘Smug Preview’.
  • When you unveil your new SmugMug site, the organization and customization you’ve created in preview mode will overwrite the old site settings.

Once my photos are migrated, what can I expect?

Once your photos are migrated, you’ll be able to choose from – and edit! – our 20+ beautiful layouts (“Designs”) that look stunning right out of the box. If that’s not enough, edit, create and switch between “Themes” (which are like our old Themes, but way more powerful), and drag in some of the many content blocks that make your site completely unique.

Customize every part of your homepage

There’s so much to do and we want you to dig in yourself, so instead of overwhelming you with tips, here are our Top 3 Things We Think You Should Know:Add content blocks to any page on your site

1. You’ll always work in private. SmugMug now lets you personalize your site without your fans and clients seeing all those awkward in-between stages. And you can safely save your progress, sleep on it, and pick up right where you left off. You can also build multiple looks (holiday templates, anyone?) and swap between them with one click.

2. Customization is a mode. Not code. Changing the layout, color and content of any page no longer requires hacky gunk like CSS and Javascript. Just drag and drop content blocks right where you want them: in the header, footer, across all your pages or into just one gallery. It’s so easy and so much more powerful than before. FYI: Advanced Customization via HTML and CSS is still there for those of you who love it, but it’s really, truly optional now.

 3. You get a hub. As a SmugMugger, you deserve certain privileges, like being able to see all your stuff and keep it organized. You’ve told us this was a major pain point in the old SmugMug, so we sweated bullets in order to get this part right. The brand-new Site Organizer is THE place for you to upload, drag to arrange, create galleries, folders and pages (up to 7 layers deep), bulk tweak and delete, change settings and so much more… from a familiar folder tree that you already know.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be showing you tips, examples and everything you need to get the most out of your new site. So if you’re feeling lost or need a little inspiration for creating a new look for your website, keep your eyes right here on our blog.

Which features are available on Basic accounts?

While customization was a big chunk of the improvements we made, it’s not everything. We’ve redone our homepage and info pages so you can see exactly what features are available at every account level.

Everyone gets the powerful, drag and drop Site Organizer. Everyone can apply an array of beautiful Themes and content blocks to their site, with three important differences:

  1. Basic users may use and swap between our many Themes, but won’t be able to edit or create them.
  2. Basic users can customize content and layout for their homepages only.
  3. Content blocks related to more complex customization and commerce features are not included on Basic accounts.

SmugMug's new drag and drop Site Organizer

And great news: We’ve gone ahead and added video uploads to Basic accounts. Enjoy!

When can I start? And what’s next?

The great news: You can start right now.

Again, simply log in and go here:

We’re not about to drop you into the pool without a little help. We’ve squished our brains together and updated our help pages to include a variety of new articles, as well as some “what’s new” content that compares old features with how things work now.

Important! Our fabulous Support Heroes are always available to lend a hand, but due to the sudden wave of ecstatic SmugMug tinkerers over the next few days (like you!), please check the help pages first and allow the Heroes a little extra time to respond to your tickets.

And as always, we’ll be sharing lots of helpful posts about building a brand-new website, tips for getting it done fast and insight into some of the things we think you’ll love most about the new SmugMug.

Questions? Stuck on a particularly tough nugget? Send us an email, comment, passenger pigeon or smoke signal so that we can best help you get the site of your dreams. We want to hear what you love, what stings, and what you think of our baby.

The SmugMug family

The Comprehensive List

Here’s the full list of things that we’ve improved or built for you in this release. In addition to the below, we’ve done a ton of work behind-the-scenes making SmugMug work faster, more reliably, and easier for us to deliver brand-new features in the coming months.

Things that we improved:

  • Homepage design
  • Folder page layout (previously Category/Subcategory pages)
  • Gallery layout (all gallery styles)
  • Lightbox view
  • Video player
  • Slideshows
  • Package image selection
  • Gallery Settings
  • Themes
  • Sharegroup pages
  • Event pages
  • Photo and gallery picker

Brand-new features:

  • Complete customization overhaul, including Site Designs
  • Site-wide drag and drop Organizer
  • Folders can go 5 levels deep, allowing for 7 total layers
  • Gallery-level comments now optional
  • Thumbs up/down replaced by Like
  • Can now create Pages
  • New Gallery Styles
  • Folder-level security and privacy settings
  • Mobile site now mimics regular site, including customization
  • New privacy level (owner-only “Private”)
  • Expanded search structure

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SmugMug brings you beautiful, personalized online galleries. We love photography and believe that taking pictures makes life better. We're here to help make it fun, enjoyable, and easy for all.

1,084 thoughts on “The New SmugMug Is Here”

  1. This sounds and looks absolutely amazing!!!!!
    Just read it on my phone and now cannot wait to get home to have a look
    at it.
    Perfect timing too, as I was going to
    re-vamp my page anyway.
    Even without having had a look at it: well done SmugMug 😀

      1. Iv not looked at it yet but it is amazing because i like many others watched the webinar? So your point was what exactly or were you just trying to ridicule someone?

  2. This looks great. I’m super excited because this is what I really wanted out of smug. This is where smug was lacking compared to other providers in this space. You’re jumping into the #1 spot on most lists now, most likely. LOVE IT SO FAR!

    1. Nope, you can start using the new features now. Our broadcast is still happening at 10:30 Pacific time, so please tune in and watch the exciting demo!

      1. This was in the post when it showed up in Feedly this morning but was edited out, “We just wrapped up a live demo (which you can watch again here), but in case you missed it: You can start right now.” Not saying it’s a bad thing, just that it seemed like, originally, this post was supposed to go out after the broadcast but someone decided it was ok to go early. Which I’m glad of because I’ve already started playing.

    2. We launched a tiny bit early due to some last-minute changes in press coverage, but the demo is on Ustream and the new SmugMug is ready for everyone. Enjoy!

  3. Looks good but have you did anything with the buying process?
    I can have all the bells whistles and farty pants in the world but if like now my customers find it impossible to purchase from me its of no use
    I dont want to commit to the total migration till this has been answered

    Also i note your front page has a steal me button from pinterest
    Can i have assurances that when i do commit that i will not be forced to have this
    If i do have to have it i want a refund

    1. John, part of the changes we made were behind-the-scenes, making it easier for us to make improvements and features. So you will see more things coming soon. This launch was just the beginning, and the buying experience is something that we’ve gotten a lot of feedback on.

      Additionally, you’ll notice that Pinterest buttons aren’t forced on you in any theme or design that we offer. A lot of users ask for that specifically, but you can always change your privacy settings so that your photos are locked down and unshareable. In fact, we added a third level of privacy to your folders and galleries: Owner-only private, so nobody but you can see that stuff.

      1. is there a way to get rid of the download arrow button to keep people from downloading for free? I see it on several people’s site and it worries me. I take photos of barrel racers and they are notorious for taking photos off websites and using it for themselves without permission and without paying for it. Right now they have to deal with my ugly watermark across the images, but if I unveil, I’m worried that they will never buy an image again and steal them.
        So how do I do it, Smugmug?

  4. So the only way to see the new “look” is to preview it …and you say that previewing also migrates your photos, and once you migrate you cannot go back.

    So can I preview and keep the old? What is the “cannot go back” point? The preview, or the acceptance of the preview?

    1. Looks like you can preview it and still go back but once you are done previewing and then hit the unveil button it’s irreversible. When you preview, you get 2 modes, preview and legacy. It looks like this “If you create new galleries in preview mode, they will be visible on your current SmugMug site in a new category called ‘Smug Preview’.” means if you’re in preview mode when you create a gallery it puts it in a certain place, if you’re in Legacy mode it works normaly (I think)

      1. I just looked again and I’m not sure if previewing is an irreversable step. It does say that migrating simply copies your files but also says “In short, there are now 3 possible states of SmugMug: Non-migrated SmugMug accounts (legacy), accounts in private preview (migrated), and the new SmugMug.” That doesn’t say you can go back to non-migrated status but in the photo above it does say that in preview mode you can manage your old smugmug.

      2. Yes, it appears to be ambiguous which is why I don’t want to try the preview until I know for sure I don’t have to take it.

        Also, the demo didn’t mention the custom headers and footers. Didn’t mention the “map this” button … is it still available?

      3. Hi Steve, to clarify you can migrate and use preview mode right away and build your new site. It will only be visible to you when you’re logged in, and you will see two buttons at the top of your screen at all times: “View Legacy SmugMug” and “Unveil.”

        Only after you hit Unveil will your changes be seen live by viewers, and it’s Unveil that is irreversible. Hope this helps.

    2. Migrating will give you Sandbox mode, and allow you to see and tinker with new SmugMug. Your legacy SmugMug site will stay intact and what your visitors will see. Once you’re 100% happy with your new site, you can Unveil and publish it live. At that point, your legacy SmugMug site will cease to be. Onward with the awesome!

      1. OK, so if I choose not to, I can still keep what I have.

        I have to see how the “map this” button looks, how the slideshow works, and how the passwords work.

        I hope that the auto-geotagging will now work with password protected galleries. I didn’t hear about this in the demo.

        Thanks for the feedback!!!!

  5. Just updated my site. Great choices for templates. Love all of the new customization features that come with them. Published and not looking back. Already getting great feedback from my friends who have visited the site. Before, I was hesitant to send people to my SmugMug because of the design. Now it rivals flickr and other photo sites. Awesome!

  6. 1. I can’t find the live demo you offered nor can I get the preview to work.
    2. How much work is the migration going to take me?\

    1. Hi Richard, the demo is going on right now on Ustream and will be available for viewing at any time at the same URL afterwards.

      Migration is just a couple of clicks for you, so give it a try and start building your new sites. Let us know if you have any questions.

    1. I used to say portions copyright smug mug
      I emailed support earlier and zac completely failed to answer the question. In fact he actively avoided answering it.
      I am not happy displaying full copyright smug mug on my work. Portions is ok

      The only thing support was willing to sayswas it would be very expensive if it did not have the copyright smug mug
      Its VERY expensive already so no idea how much more he was implying

      1. Hm. That’s strange. I know that many of the customized sites that SmugMug featured on its site had the footer completely removed by 3rd-party customization companies. That’s expensive way to “launder” the removal, which is a breach of contract.

        1. Hi Colin
          Yeah for sure
          looking at it now they have just the sharing by smug mug when you remove the footer.
          That’s liveable but it was not apparent 2 hours ago.
          Smug Support acting all smug on me did not help either
          I don’t see any improvements to the cart
          How are you supposed to get sales to pay the expense of smug mug if the punter cannot fathom the process??
          no sales = no able to pay = less for mr mcaskill and co

          The sales cart has to be priority for gods sake or am i missing something
          The site look fantastic now but the back end is still absolute trash miles behind any other sales area.
          But other than we know its a BIG concern to our pros comments nothing gets done.
          If its a big concern FIX it

          I have said many times before if you have a captive audience from events they have NO option but try to work with the cart
          On here as a fine art photographer the punter has options and are not forced to stay
          15% you take from my top end and a yearly fee you can’t get that if i don’t get sales..

    2. If you turn off the smugmug footer in the settings (which has all the smugmug links at the bottom of the page and a copyright 2013 sumugmug at the bottom right) it just shows “Photo sharing by smugmug” at the bottom of all your pages. You can see Thomas Hawks page above which has the footer and the Averyhouse page which does not by clicking the photos.

      1. Wonder how new branding options will be taken by the users who previously were grandfathered out of using SmugMug footer. I don’t think they’d like it, and I’m _sure_ SmugMug has a way for them to be still grandfathered.

      1. Colin, thanks for your patience. We’re clearly getting a lot of feedback and are trying to answer them all but the comments keep rolling in faster than we can reply.

        Re: footer branding – Like other many brands out there, we’re very proud of what we’ve done, and need to protect our copyright and our work. We also provide support for your clients who write our Support Heroes (especially when our 100% print guarantee is involved) etc, and they often find us through that link in the footer.

        We currently do not have a pricing model that allows for a completely unbranded SmugMug site, although this is one option that our pros have asked us about. Thanks for your feedback, and we do understand that this is one of the features that pros would like to have.

      2. Sounds like a big NO to me.

        I don’t know about you, but I don’t want customers to contact SmugMug. It looks like they are just not wanting to give you control over the site that you are paying for.

        Other sites and brands don’t have this stranglehold. And we don’t have it now, so what has changed that all of a sudden we have to start advertising for them? Did the cost go down? No it doubled.

        They claim to be “Ad free” but then stick their Ad on the bottom of our sites. It certainly is NOT Ad free any longer if this is the case.

        1. Hard to believe they force Ads on every site, while claiming that all of their accounts are “Ad free”.

          We don’t have the ads now … huge step backwards.

      3. I’m not at all happy about SmugMug putting its name in the footer, and I am exploring alternatives to SmugMug now.

        This is supposed to be my site, the way I want it. That was the attraction to SmugMug – now they are destroying that.

        And what’s this about not having a “pricing model that allows for a completely unbranded SmugMug site”? So, if ever we are to get a pro site that looks like a pro site, we’ll have to pay even more, on top of the pro rate, is that it? After you nearly doubled the rates last year?

        SmugMug – you are losing touch. You are managing your new “thing”, and *not* managing your relationships with your customers, who don’t want this.

        Its all about you now, isn’t it?

        1. Putting the Ads into the footer is a deal breaker for me.

          1) I currently have no Ads in my footer – and never did.
          2) They advertise “absolutely No Ads” which will now not be true

          I hope they are working on it now … or I will end up at Zenfolio.

  7. hi!  the preview link is not working!  help, please!  thanks so much – looking forward to the new look!!   Wendy.Jung owner . photographer . designer .  soggy dog designs {photography . design . FUN!} 


    The Not-So-Subtle Sales Pitch:  soggy dog designs  is, among other things, offering {mini} sesh’s!   Just $30 for 20 mins, includes 1 digital file.  $45 for 40 mins, or $60 for 1 hour – in studio only.   

    3 breezy lane . bath.ME.04530 . 207.653.5500  .

    >________________________________ > From: The SmugMug Blog >To: >Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 10:59 AM >Subject: [New post] The New SmugMug Is Here > > > > >SmugMug posted: “Friends, photographers, cameramen, have we got news for you. This morning, we pushed the button on one of the most exciting things we’ve ever built: a whole new SmugMug. We’ve dreamed about bringing you this kind of incredibly beautiful, powerful photo” >

  8. Do we have gallery expiration dates for our clients yet???? Been on the ideas board for like 3 years and nothing’s been said or done about it. At this point I want more easy functions to make my life/client’s viewing figured out first!!

    1. Hi Amy! We don’t have that with this launch but it’s a very very popular feature request from pros and it’s on our radar. Thanks for the feedback!

      1. Steve and Roy, you can drop a slideshow to your homepage using one of the content blocks, although it won’t cover edge to edge, or you can set a full-screen photo as your background.

    1. Why can’t I REPLY to the SmugMug post?

      The stretchy slideshow is the backbone of my website. I get more compliments about that than anything …

      1) I tried the “new” slideshow. It is tiny. I does not cover the whole screen … it is very,very sad. Why deliver less than what we had?

      2) Although I selected no Footer it still shows the SmugMug name which does NOT appear on my current site’s footer.

      3) I cannot see my custom header.

      4) I see photos displayed in a large size from galleries that are password protected. Will they show on my website?

      5) Where is the “map this” button on my home page?

      So these 5 deficiencies are huge steps backward.

      I will be keeping the site I have now.

      Thanks for the preview, but my custom Pro site does’t need a facelift to be able to look like the free Flickr site. I don’t need more than I have, but I certainly don’t want less.

  9. It looks awesome! If you guys could just add a blog it would be perfection!
    We are in the process of designing a new website using squarespace because of the limitations of smugmug. We may need to call our designers and tell them to stop! We just need a blog that is seemless!

    1. We agree, Allen! It would be fantastic, but while we noodle that, it’s super easy to create a new Page and pull in your blog feed directly to your new SmugMug site!

    2. Hi Allen! Yes, a dedicated blog feature is on our radar, but right now it’s so easy to suck in your existing posts via the RSS content block. Here’s an example of it in the works:

      Also, the fact that you can easily create Pages with any content that you want is super powerful. You can drag in photos, text boxes, HTML boxes, etc, and create a new blog using that alone. Here’s an example of that here:

      1. Yes a actual blog mod would be awesome, the method you mention looks good but no RSS and no real history without have a mile long page. This new system almost replaces my need for squarespace, if only you add a real blog page

  10. So I like the new look BUT what about the changes PRO users have been asking for for years? Just about everything else is the same! No control over coupons, emails to clients, expiration dates on galleries… where is the incentive for pros and sales?

    1. Hi Sandra, this launch was all about building from the ground up and we’re just getting started. We made big changes behind the scenes that allow us to update and build new features more easily, so please keep your ears perked for improvements to other parts of the site… not just customization and organization.

      1. This launch was about trying to capitalize on people who are upset with Flicker.

        The new smugmug is not ready, full of bugs, no documentation at all nor tutorials, and it lack many things that should have been a priority. We have been left to figure out things wasting countless hours and growing frustrated.

        At this stage is nothing more than a facelift to modernize the easy configuration of the “old” smugmug. It was focus on those who want to create websites using smugmug and not on the needs of the Pros.

        So sadly, I cannot see myself spending more money and time trying to figure out a convoluted interface that is not intuitive and very limiting. Any real advance customization needs to be done with html and CSS.

        So thanks, but no thanks. Fool me once but not twice.

  11. In the customization options do not see where to insert Javascript, has disappeared.
    En las opciones de personalización no veo donde insertar Javascript, ha desaparecido.

    1. Yes I just noticed that too, I had page that had an “etsy mini” that showed 8 thumbnails from my etsy store. It required some javascript to work. It seems the new smugmug strips the scritp html tags and just shows the code that was between them as plain text.

  12. Very excited! I am just wondering if migrating will effect my sync with Photography Blogsites and if there are any special precautions I should take. Thanks! 🙂

  13. Great job on the overhaul SM! Having lived in software land in a previous life, I can tell you guys did some hard work and it will pay off for everyone. AND THANK YOU!

  14. Steve :

    I hope the “UNVEIL” button has a couple of “ARE YOU SURE?” screens … LOL

    Yes, that is correct. You have to type in “unveil” to verify that you want to do this, since the process is not reversible. We want you to be sure!

    1. Sammy you don’t have to migrate now but we recommend that you do because there is no visual impact to your customers, plus you’d get a chance to use our new site organizer. Since change is big and we know it can take a while for busy folks to get used to things, you should be able to stay in preview mode for many months. But we really do hope that you discover all the ways that the new SmugMug will make keeping your photos organized so much easier, and empower you to create a beautiful site without any assistance.

      1. I would love to convert right now … just bring back the full screen slideshow, the geo-tagging, the ad-free footer … and I’ll happily give it a go!

      2. Can someone officially state that the amazing geo-tagging feature has been eliminated in this “improved” version?

      3. So, I don’t think Sammy Lo’s question got answered clearly, but from the way your reply is worded, is sounds like there will be an eventual shut-down of the old Smug-Mug and migration will be mandatory at that point. Am I reading this correctly?

      4. I want to know if the old layout will be abandoned eventually. Since it was mentioned that the css customizations won’t carry thru the migrate I see no point to migrate my site.

      5. And you’ll get to pay smugmug for the privilege of advertising for them…which is un-acceptable and a breach of their ‘no ads’ policy. If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck…

      6. Sigh….YUP, this is every bit confirming of the huge, “OH NO!” feeling I got when I first read this “exciting” news. This is gonna be another “Phanfare” debacle and those of us who have invested so much hard work, time and MONEY into making our sites what we want are gonna be out in the cold….eventually. .

  15. I really wanted to like this, and just might in the future. Right now I am not to thrilled. Bottom line for me, I would have loved to started where I left off (old layout) and built from there. Right now I love the way the old layout lets you put galleries on the home page, and changes the pictures periodically. If there IS an option to do it, I cannot find it. I also got tired of making a layout, clicking preview, and then escaping out only to find out everything I started with was not there. Again…prob my issue but frankly not as user friendly as I had hoped.

    1. Hi, we hope that you spend more time in the next few weeks playing around with all the many options and settings within each of those content blocks. You can always add a galleries content block to your homepage, or individual photos, or folders and galleries and photos altogether. The changes you make should stick if you use the Preview and Exit buttons at the top, but let us know if your changes still aren’t saving.

  16. I am at the “pick a design” screen …. are there any with a huge slideshow on them like I have now? I don’t see any….

  17. How long will legacy mode be around? I’m a little concerned this is going the way of the other, recent, big name photo site “redo”.

    1. Hi, while we recommend that you get familiar with the new SmugMug sooner than later due to the new features that will be offered only on the new system. We won’t be updating legacy SmugMug anymore, in the future, but you have many months to recreate your existing site in the new SmugMug.

      1. Mahalormo asked a question and you answered it like a politician. IE you really didint anwswer it at all.

        I’ll repeat the question as it is one I’m sure many of us have:

        How long will we able to continue to use our legacy smugmug sites?

        A straightforward answer would be appreicated.

        thank you.

  18. Looks like a lot of fun, but I just paid one of the designated customizers to do my site. 😦 Could have saved $500 had I only known.

    1. I just did the same thing this year Kim, it was 900 I spent………and now my site is blended with my blog from wordpress, etc. and if I try one of the new layouts, all that work and money is down the toilet I think…I am kind of lost and confused. So what are you going to do????

      1. I’m doing nothing. Praying they don’t do away with the legacy version at some point. Who did your customization? I would love to see your site! Mine is I am happy with what they did. The new smugmug surely wouldn’t be as personal in the end (so I tell myself).

    1. Can the download all feature be added to galleries??? I really would love for my clients to be able to download their images. it’s a killer feature that I’ve been lusting over for literally 5 years.

  19. What’s different mobile wise? A new app should be made or the photo app should be integrated with a photo viewer.

    1. Chuck, previous the mobile version of our site was a default gray and black, and could only show your brand (if you had a customized site) if you uploaded a special banner. Now you don’t have to do a thing and the design you choose automatically adjusts beautifully to mobile viewers.

  20. all I can say is.. what a mess.. who wanted change I sure didn’t…a nice and e-z user friendly interface has just been flushed down the toilet… looks like this is more messed up than Flickr was a month or so ago… when will it end.. yikes.. change for the sake of change.. you are now on the list with Microsoft with their Windows 8 fiasco and Flickr..sad and disappointed 😦

    1. There are a lot of us who welcome the new changes! I am sure it’s just not for the sake of change. Some will like it, some won’t.. I believe they are on the right path!

      1. maybe it’s just that after watching the video from earlier it seemed like it was just a rah-rah session..patting themselves on the back without showing us too much of how the ‘basics’ work.. how to upload.. how to organize.. I don’t want to see specialty sites like big large pics like Flickr just did and ruined their site with a major user uproar that is still going on….

    2. Hi Stakeout, the live broadcast was supposed to be a demo showing what we did that’s new, but we have a new Getting Started video that will may be more in line with what you’re looking for:

      Thanks for your feedback!

      1. That video is only relevant for anyone opening a brand new account. A tutorial is desperately needed to help existing users to adapt to the new design. My own homepage is a mess on the new site and unless I get help to sort it out I’ll be stuck with the legacy version forever . . . unless I desert Smugmug altogether which is looking likely.

      2. that won’t do it.. been a paid-member for a while now.. you pointed me to just a Get Started video… with a guy with a ‘sing-song’ sales pitch voice.. just what I needed now that I am really ticked off.. what a mess… you guys ruined a great site..

  21. Does anyone know if migrating to a new design will continue to work with Jeffrey Friedl’s jf SmugMug plugin for Lightroom? I’m using the latest version with Lightroom 4 and it would be really nice to know I will continue to be able to use his plugin to update folders and stay in sync after adopting the new layouts.

    Otherwise, despite all the past work copying and pasting in CSS and stuff after reading hundreds of comments in the help threads, what I’ve seen from just playing around for an hour seems to be offer more than enough for me to dump the “old” and welcome the new. It might take a few days to get there – but I’m looking forward to adopting the new tools.

    Congratulations to everyone at SmugMug. This is really impressive.

    1. Hi Richard, the word on the street is that it should work but may not have access to your gallery structure until the plugin is updated to our new API. Please contact Jeffrey if you have any other technical questions or feedback! Our SmugMug publish tool for Lightroom has been updated, so you can use that in the meantime:

      We hope that you really do love customizing in the new SmugMug. Even adding HTML and CSS should be much simpler to do, now. Thanks for your support, Richard!

  22. Earlier this year I hired a wonderful web designer recommended by SmugMug to incorporate a wordpress blog and some pages into my site, blending it all together to look like one site. I spent a large investment doing this. I would really love to be able to use the NEW improved SmugMug layouts, but SIGH at the thought of investing yet more money to have the web designer re patch it together if and when I make the change. Any words of wisdom, or comfort??????

    1. Hi Kelly and we’re sorry to hear that you had just hired someone to do this recently. We did battle long and hard about this very issue but we are letting users play with their previews for many months. Hopefully you will be able to find a design and create a site that you love just as much in the meantime, and you should be able to do so much of it all by yourself, without using any code. Please give it a try and of course, we’re always listening to your feedback!

  23. Two things…

    1. There should be a ‘cancel’ when making edits in the customize. meaning, I did something wrong and I don’t want to publish now and I don’t want to publish later. Any way for them to be ‘thrown out’?
    2. Sharing a video is not the same as sharing a single photo. How can we share a direct video without it going to the gallery or me having to grab the code from one of the embed options? There’s no ‘Video Links’.
    3. Editing Smokey theme, looks like public view in comments area is screwy. Hope we don’t have issues with templates in future where we can’t troubleshoot. Off to smugmug support I go.

    1. There is a revert button at the top of the edit panel where it says “entire site” “homepage” etc. there’s a little curved arrow.

    2. Hi Robert, you can still get video links and video embed links by clicking the Share icon under your video, and clicking to the Embeddable Links tab, just like before. Also, just pasting the link to the video in the gallery will automatically embed as a player on most sites.

      If this isn’t what you mean, could you clarify?

  24. can’t even access my Smugmug site… like I said .. a mess… I don’t want to try it out but somehow it’s doing it preventing me from accessing my site… no way to stop it…just great… no options or dfrop downs… everything is gone… the ‘new look’ stinks..

  25. This looks incredible, and has come at a time when i have one last shift at work and then three photo shoots and then a week of playing organising and being busy once again.

    I’m loving the sandbox mode this is pure simple genius. Knowing that my fans and clients will still see my old site before the new updated one ill be busy creating it means also that whilst there looking at the new one im working behind the scenes on new tweaks and updates.

    You just gave me a jump start back into my design side of life and into my photography again.

    Thanks for all the hard work and the dedication you give, you proved all the cynics wrong and the ones who dont like change wrong too.

    Totally magnificent.

    1. Hi Jack and thanks for the lovely comment. I’ve shared this with our team because we love hearing that you’re inspired to go back to your site and back to photography. Good luck and don’t forget to share what you build with us!

  26. I’m having issues with the Lightroom PLugin. Will there be a new one? It has trouble connecting to it.

  27. robertlee79 :
    Two things…
    1. There should be a ‘cancel’ when making edits in the customize. meaning, I did something wrong and I don’t want to publish now and I don’t want to publish later. Any way for them to be ‘thrown out’?
    2. Sharing a video is not the same as sharing a single photo. How can we share a direct video without it going to the gallery or me having to grab the code from one of the embed options? There’s no ‘Video Links’.
    3. Editing Smokey theme, looks like public view in comments area is screwy. Hope we don’t have issues with templates in future where we can’t troubleshoot. Off to smugmug support I go.

    Sorry, that was 3 things. Also, have all browsers been tested for each template? Smokey on IE8 looks pretty screwy but is ok in Firefox and Chrome.

  28. It’s even better than I imagined! The only thing it doesn’t have that I was hoping for is an integrated blog. I pointed my domain at my blog instead of my Smugmug site because I learned somewhere that having a dynamic front page is better for SEO. Would using “Recent Uploads” for my Smugmug homepage serve this purpose? Although I’d rather showcase my best photos on my homepage. I wish I could do both.

      1. Hi Michele, no worries. There are a lot of comments here! Glad that you found the info and hope that you can customize your site to get exactly the perfect blend of photos and text. 🙂

  29. Perhaps a stupid question, but interesting from a SEO point of view. I invested years in getting specific URL’s to be decently ranked by Google and Bing. Will the old URL’s still work after migration?

    1. Hi Jaap, as long as you don’t move those pages into a different folder or location on your site, the URLs shouldn’t change with effect to your SEO. And yes, your old URLs should still work.

  30. When I click the preview button, it say that it cannot “find any content to match”. How do I get to my pictures?

  31. Perhaps a stupid question, but interesting from a SEO point of view. I invested years in getting specific URL’s to be decently ranked by Google and Bing. Especially the keyword-based ones. Will the old URL’s still work after migration?

  32. Disappointed to what can be called at best a facelift. None of the core functionality that need to changed was change, just the way things look. Time to leave smugmug for good.

    1. David, we completely overhauled the way users manage their photos with the new 7-layers-deep, drag-and-drop organizer (which we think is a core feature), but we do understand that we won’t always be the best solution for everyone. Thanks for your feedback and good luck!

  33. Big improvement in the look and style of the site. I still not ready to come back. Option for self-fullfillment is huge for me for certain products because I love my hometown pro lab. I know another photog friend who is looking for a site to sell her actions in addition to her photography and textures.

    1. Jillian, thanks for weighing in. We know that self-fulfillment is a big request from many pros, and you can be sure that we’re aware of its need. Thank you for taking the time to remind us about this!

  34. Can someone from Smugmug categorically say whether or not if you go to preview mode, you can return to your original site if you don`t like what you see?
    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Bob, you can always switch between your preview mode and your old site. Just look for the “View Legacy Site” in the blue banner at the top of your page. It’s the “unveil” button that is a permanent one-way street. Hope this helps!

  35. Have you improved the search functionality? Because the old search functionality was severely lacking.

  36. There are some inconsistencies; it would be nice if it would be possible to set the same settings for all the galleries in one go, and there are some other things which are not working that great either.

    1. While right now there isn’t a way to multi-select ALL galleries, but if you open up the site organizer you can change and apply settings to all galleries in a folder (Category) at once. Thanks for the feedback about needing site-wide editing, as well!

  37. have i missed something or am i just not getting it
    I love how the sierra one looks but as soon as i try to customise it cannot use one of my photos as the backdrop?
    i seem to be stuck with naff crap art photos which your granny wouldn’t want to admit to I try to put one of mine in and all it lets you do it put it in a tiny box in the middle
    Help is as ever offline..

    1. John, I checked your site and it looks like it’s fitting across the page from edge to edge. I hope this means you found the right setting to get your photo as the background.

      Our Heroes are very busy now as thousands of SmugMuggers are hitting the new site all at once, so we do need to ask people to be more patient than on a regular Tuesday. Thanks for your patience.

    1. Janet, this is because you’re logged in. If you log out, you’ll see the same thing your guests are seeing (the non “New Smugmug” version of your site).

  38. This is AWESOME. It’s definitely going to save me time and money in the long run. I appreciate this so much. I was really worried about the upgrade, but now I’m itching to get started!

  39. Am I the only one frustrated with the changes? Now when clients log onto my website, my slideshow does not play and instead they see a big box that says “Password needed.” So people need a password just to get into my website? Hoping I don’t lose business by new customers who are frustrated not being able to get into my website. I have already sent an email directly to Smugmug; hoping to hear back very soon so that this can be fixed. Thanks.

  40. I just starting playing around with it but why does it look like I can no longer remove photos hosted by smugmug? That along will make me leave this service at over 7 years

    1. Not sure what you mean, I just went to one of my photos and in the tools button just under the photo, there is a delete option. And if you go to the organizer, you can select multiple photos and hit the trash can delete button.

    2. Echoing what Josh said. You can delete photos from the Organizer. You can delete just individual photos, or multiple photos by shift/control-clicking, or delete entire folders of images.

      1. That is not what I meant, I am talking about in the footer. I don’t want people to know I am using smugmug. Nothing agents them but before this update you could hide all of there branding. Maybe you still can with CSS

    3. I’m with you on that one. I lose my great slideshow, the header, the footer … and I can’t get an answer on where the “map this” button disappeared to.

      1. Me to, I loved my homepage full screen slide show and it no longer will work. At first I was excited because I assumed any of the templates could run as a slide show but it does not look like they can.

    4. Yes, apparently you MUST show the SmugMug branding footer, which comes in two forms: “Copyright SmugMug” or “Photo Hosting by SmugMug”. You cannot opt out.

      1. Well steve you used custom code to remove it which that’s your preference. You’re not supposed to and no one shoudl care that it’s there. Plus you’re lame.

    1. This exists, it’s just a bit hidden.

      Go to “Customize” and then “Customize Site”. Select the “Theme” tab. Click the tiny wrench icon to the right of your active theme. Select the “Background” tab in the dialog that pops up. The first option in that dialog is “Background Photo,” which will allow you to choose any image you want as the background image.

      Hope this helps!

  41. Steve :
    Where do I select to use MY background photo?
    It only lists other people’s work which is ridiculous.

    EXACTLY my point
    I dont want some other dudes stuff on my site

    1. (Copied from my response to Steve, so you’ll see it too):

      This exists, it’s just a bit hidden.

      Go to “Customize” and then “Customize Site”. Select the “Theme” tab. Click the tiny wrench icon to the right of your active theme. Select the “Background” tab in the dialog that pops up. The first option in that dialog is “Background Photo,” which will allow you to choose any image you want as the background image.
      Hope this helps!

      1. Really? Why doesn’t it default to select one of MY photos … since I am a photographer … kinda the point of the background isn’t it?

  42. I HATE it!!! I wanted a simple, easy to use proofing site, not some Flickr copy cat. My clients will NEVER be able to figure this out. Hell, I can’t figure it out. It SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS!!!

    1. Elizabeth, thanks for your feedback. We’re sorry to hear that you find it complicated to navigate. I took a look at your previewed site and think it looks gorgeous, but if you’re worried that your clients won’t be able to find their galleries, what you can do is this:

      1) Try putting a Galleries content box on your homepage. You’ll find it under the Navigation section of your customization panel. Right now it looks like your displaying photos from a single gallery only.

      2) You can edit the settings of the Galleries box to display the name of each gallery underneath the thumbnail. This way your clients will know which one to click on.

      Our heroes will be happy to offer some ideas for you to get the site that you want, but since you’re in preview mode, your clients are still seeing the same site that you’ve always had. You’ve got time!

      1. Help heroes.. I procrastinated, and finally migrated over but cannot figure out my client’s experience (and how they’d find and buy their prints).. is there a tutorial on this? I am trying to figure out steps 1, 2, 3 detailed here for Elizabeth. I LOVE the front end, and I think this was a difficult but overdue move for Smugmug; I’m a loyal smugger so I have to figure this client side out quickly!!

      1. A grown up would know that is a forum for people to discuss the new changes. How does making personal attacks on users make you grown up???

  43. ok i logged out and got back to my original site, but can’t seem to get to where i can edit my original site. when i logged back in, i’m taken back to the preview again.

    1. Hi Janet, look for the banner at the top of your site and you should see two buttons: One to switch back to legacy view, and the other to permanently unveil your site. Just be sure to hit the first one.

  44. I may have missed it in my review of the comments, but will linked URL addresses still be viable when I migrate? I use this site to link my photos to Social media and Net Forums. Will these links be lost once I migrate?

      1. Your old links should still work, even if your reorganize your site. This is because the Image Key is built into the URL. Hope this helps!

  45. The new design is very impressive, but I was really disappointed that self-fulfillment was not part of the changes. This has been the #1 priority on my wish list. Will this feature be coming anytime soon? I couldn’t imagine that implementing this on SmugMug’s end would be terribly complicated from a technical standpoint.

  46. Is the ability to embed a photo slideshows on other sites gone? This was under “show off” before and was only available in Flash?

  47. I agree with Elizabeth! Simple tools for customers! I hope I don’t have to migrate, Ill lose business!

  48. You never cease to amaze! I’ve been with Smugmug I think since 2004 and it’s been a joyous ride with changes that always seem to show how much Smugmug knows and understands the needs of their customers.

  49. My current site is organized exactly they way I want it. I’m not interested in any of the new templates, and it doesn’t seem as though I can organize it the same way as the old one. I want to keep my site they way it is. I did migrate my photos and played around a bit, but I’m not interested. Can I keep my site the way it is?

  50. As a Pro, it seems to be very unprofessional to have to display advertising for the “hosting” company. Customers want the feel of not being harassed with information that does not apply to their needs.

    1. I will be curious whether people who removed the branding with code can still do so after migrating. There are a lot of people who probably assume they can silence that footer, but probably not! It really is unprofessional, SmugMug. Zenfolio does not require its Pro users to include a branding footer, by the way. You should follow their example.

    2. I agree with this and hope we can hide it with code like Colin said but most likely not.

    3. I’ll also be curious about all the people who forked out hundreds of dollars getting 3rd-party people to customize their sites…part of the customization usually involved hiding the SmugMug footer. So those people are stuck, I suspect. They will not be happy, I suspect.

      1. I paid hundreds to get mine customized and I really hope I can keep my site in the old platform for as long as I want. Otherwise, Smugmug will have to a find a fix if they want to keep their customers.

      1. We never had this before … why are you forcing this on us now?
        Isn’t a new release for improving what you have – not removing the features?

  51. Well you just lost one customer, and I’m sure more will follow. I wanted to change, because Flickr changed into something equally horrible, and what I wanted was just as the old smugmug. So now I’m back at square one. Thank God I didn’t pay for this – absolutely horrible.

  52. I dont like any of the templates/designs as I had mine previously customized by Fastline Media. However, I do like the gallery styles of the new Smugmug. And the only way to avail that is switching to the new platform, Bummer! I hope there’s a fix in carrying over your old customization, or maybe professional customizers like FM will offer some type of discount if it calls for a totally new customization.

      1. I believe the “non-removable” footer was introduced at some point and anyone who was a customer before that time (like me) was still able to remove the entire footer.

        It looks like they are trying to strip that away from the long time customers now. Smuggers correct me if I am wrong …

  53. that Smugmug video was just a rah-rah session… no decent worthwhile info besides that.. can’t understand all these people liking the new site… no way this is easier and simpler to use than the old site–it’s all over the place.. sure it shows off pics just like Flickr.. but who wants it ..what a disappointment.. I like my old site.. got it the way I want it.. have no desire to change it with all these new templates..

  54. For people who had no customization in place, I guess this could be an improvement. But most of the templates look like that awful Flickr site. It is free though so you can’t complain about that.

    I know I will lose my great slideshow, and my footer, and my header …

    But can someone tell me where the “Map This” button can be found for all my Geo-Tagged galleries????

  55. Really hoping the “Edit Gallery Settings” where I was able to link to another webspace to add MY music … is available in the new site but sadly, I don’t see it from playing in the Sandbox. PRETTY PLEASE, PROVE ME WRONG. How do I reestablish that part in ALL of my legacy galleries. I did send a HELP@ msg a few hrs ago. I am sure I will get a response.

  56. Looks great! I’ve already implemented the changes and am loving the new look and functionality. A couple of bits of feedback: 1. Please implement a keyboard shortcut to hide photos (like the “h” key you used to be able to do), or enable this ability through the organizer for batch (both would be awesome). 2. Allow us to drag galleries around within the gallery container. I dragged a container to my page, set it to let me choose the galleries, but I can’t arrange them after that (it’s a one-off page). 3. Allow us to zoom in on the organizer photos, the small thumbnails make it a tad difficult at times!

    Believe me, these aren’t gripes…I love the new site and am a happily paying customer! Just a couple of bits of user-feedback! Thanks Smugmug!!

  57. Phillip Guyton Jr. :

    Yes a actual blog mod would be awesome, the method you mention looks good but no RSS and no real history without have a mile long page. This new system almost replaces my need for squarespace, if only you add a real blog page

    Hi Phillip, you can manually specify the limit to how many entries show on your RSS feed, so you can set it to display as few as 1 entry or as many as all. Play around with it and see if it works for you. Cheers!

  58. I’ve been actively watching the “request” line for a long time and cannot remember the “I wish my site looked more like flickr” being heavily requested.

    In the last year it seems like those at smugmug have forgotten why so many of us loved their service so much.

    All the time spent making our sites unique has been tossed out the window with this “new and improved” look.

    The important things like keeping our branding (not smugmug branding) doesn’t seem to matter at all. Updated coupons, self fulfillment, and other top requests seem to have fallen on deaf ears once again.

    I’ll be waiting to see how long we are permitted to keep our old websites before they become “unsupported” and we are forced to accept this “new and improved” upgrade.

    If someone from smugmug is actually taking the time to read this comment section, I’d love to hear some answers to the questions about the longest and most requested items were left out of this new upgrade.

    1. The best part of this release is making me realize how awesome the site was before!

      Thank you SmugMug … for allowing me to see how amazing the legacy system is!!!!

      Huge beautiful slideshows, custom headers, AD FREE footers, auto geo-tagging … etc, etc, etc.

      IT ROCKS!

      Going through the curtain back to First Class now …

    2. Steve, I am with you and others. I am not a professional, but I direct friends to my site to download photos that they want. I have the photos in galleries by year. I did not see, on the examples given, where the name of the gallery is front and center. I did not see an answer to that question on any of the comments so far.

      Many are correct, it looks more like flickr than smugmug. And, along with others, I am wondering if we will eventually be forced into the system.

    3. I couldn’t agree more. This on the back of previous (now thankfully fixed) uploading issues. What are the alternatives? (happy to pay).

  59. SmugMug :
    Hi Stakeout, the live broadcast was supposed to be a demo showing what we did that’s new, but we have a new Getting Started video that will may be more in line with what you’re looking for:
    Thanks for your feedback!

    That’s only of use to someone opening a new account. A tutorial is needed to help existing users to customise their new pages before publishing.

      1. Just don’t migrate. I am certainly not.
        I can get a Flickr site for free.

        I now know why no template has slideshows on them.

        They ruined the best parts of the site.

  60. I haven’t got the vaguest effing clue how to work with this site, now. And quite frankly, I don’t have the time or patience to try and figure it out. You’ve gone and made something that was pretty simple to use into a convoluted mess. I don’t even know where or how to begin. Guess I’ll be looking for someone else to host my site. Thanks for the trouble.

      1. I set up a test site at out of curiosity recently using their FREE option . It uses a DIY design approach which actually works and even for a dummy like me was was easy to understand. And, interestingly it has all the modern-day features I need including a store. Looks pretty good too. This new-look Smugmug is not an exciting new thing… it’s just a catch up with the rest of the world thing… except it’s broken and my, and others Smugmug sites are currently screwed…

    1. It’s actually very simple to use. Far easier than before and far more expandable. Maybe spend more than 5minutes looking at it 😉

  61. Thanks so much for addressing the issue. So those who were grandfathered are still grandfathered? And those who purged footer themselves or who purged via 3rd-party customizer will have branding restored when migrating to New SmugMug? I know that _hundreds_ of people privately messaged me over the years with the code needed to eliminate it…so I know it was commonly done.

    SmugMug :
    Colin, thanks for your patience. We’re clearly getting a lot of feedback and are trying to answer them all but the comments keep rolling in faster than we can reply.
    Re: footer branding – Like other many brands out there, we’re very proud of what we’ve done, and need to protect our copyright and our work. We also provide support for your clients who write our Support Heroes (especially when our 100% print guarantee is involved) etc, and they often find us through that link in the footer.
    We currently do not have a pricing model that allows for a completely unbranded SmugMug site, although this is one option that our pros have asked us about. Thanks for your feedback, and we do understand that this is one of the features that pros would like to have.

  62. Thank you and congratullations! Very good job! You just prevented me from leaving you. I was considering that step for the last few months. What would make me very happy would be an app for ios that would be able to download the photos so that I could show my entire portfolio being off-line.

  63. I’ve read through this whole list. It appears that:

    1) The stretchy slide show which many of us love on our Home page is gone forever. ???
    2) The map function has disappeared
    3) Not sure if the slide show feature is still available for each gallery.

  64. I had a ton of html type stuff going on in caption boxes under photos for various reasons and that’s all broken now. All the formatting is gone on text and it just looks really ugly. This is going to be a lot of work to fix. Any quick fixes out there?

  65. I do have a stretchy slide show working on the homepage and it looks good. Galleries look MUCH better when tweaked. All is good except my html in caption boxes getting all screwed up.

      1. I would love to know what you were using for the stretchy slideshow also. In my ideal world I could keep the homepage slide show as is but update all the gallery stuff because I do think those look better. I just don’t like the homepage options.

      2. Wish I could remember exactly, I found a choice for stretchy in the overall settings and a sizing option in the slideshow stuff. I’m so frustrated right now trying to get all the HTML stuff I had in caption boxes to work and I’ve wiped everything out and started from scratch three times. Luckily when I log out the old site comes back fine! Also what you can do in the “sandbox” seems to be limited to overall customization and I think there are fixes I will need to do after I go live. Going live will make much of the site look like shit unless I hide those pages until I can fix them. This is all exactly what I was afraid of. They let us do all that customization to the old site and now they have broken it all.

  66. I am still confused. If I “migrate” so I can play in the “sandbox” and decide never to “publish” or “unveil”, will my site remain unchanged as a legacy site?

    Right now the wording says Legacy (unmigrated)……

    These terms seem to be thrown around and are not being used consistently with the same meaning….

  67. my guess is the powers to be at Smugmug will let us keep the old Smugmug for a short while.. then they’ll require us to convert over to the new format… I guess they got bored and wanted to hire some engineers to come up with a new look…tell us how great it is in the video today …sorta like MS did with Win 8.. and Yahoo did with Flickr.. oh I shouldn’t forget what Adobe did with their Photoshop subscription-only debacle ..ruining all in a big way.. unless you’re big into social media .. FB and the like which I am NOT.. this upgrade does absolutely zero–change for the sake of change… they ruined a great site ..very very sad 😦

    1. I’m afraid this is what’s going to happen – force us to migrate to the new platform in the future, and this will totally be unfair for people like me who paid hundreds for customization alone. But incase they let us retain the old system for as long as we want, I just really hope that they don’t screw up the loading speed of our websites.

      1. You really need to be banned from this forum. I don’t understand why you think that making personal attacks on other users for their comments that are not about YOU is in any way, shape or form acceptable? WHY does Smug Mug think this is acceptable??

  68. The web cast was disturbing. Sounded as dumb as the Apple guys do when they have a keynote. Very condescending. Web templates aren’t that good and the file upload doesn’t work anymore or right now. I’ve been a customer for years but this is a step backwards for sure. I’m going to cancel my subscription unless something changes and fast. After promising a big wonderful change that works great, my first 10 minutes on the new site has been a big enough let down to have me cancel.

    1. I agree. I don’t know why they would abandon the features and functionality that they took years to develop. I am SOOOO glad they had the incredible foresight to make this optional. I can’t imagine losing my slideshow, geo-tagging, custom header, ad-free footer, etc.

      It does make me appreciate how awesome the legacy site is.

    1. Apparently the “new and improved” needs a tweak.

      Their status shows:

      July 30, 2:39PM The site is in read only mode while we make repairs.

      1. Help! I’m having the same error/problem & can’t update my site through Lightroom. Have you found a fix?

  69. this is all giving me a huge headache. silly me for thinking anything would be improved. i can’t get into my old site to do any editing. keeps taking me to the preview when i log in. really ANNOYING!!!!

  70. The new changes are AWESOME! Right now looks like everyone is playing with their new toy…system may be getting bogged down. Having issues accessing my sight and making changes. I guess I will need to get in line.

    1. Hi David and thanks for being so understanding. 🙂 We have been experiencing a bout of serious popularity this afternoon and all of us are working hard to get the bumps evened out.

  71. Check the smugmug status:

    July 30, 2:39PM The site is in read only mode while we make repairs.

  72. Is there any way to get me to go to the Legacy Site when I log in?
    I have determined that the new site is not anywhere near as functional nor as robust as the old site so I am not converting. I don’t want to have to take extra steps to get to manage my site?


  73. I’m telling you.. they ruined a great site… sometimes my old site pops up.. other times I’m stuck looking at new templates or whatever that is.. garbage.. pure unadulterated garbage.. looking for a new site-master for sure.. this is just not gonna cut it…

    1. Then go and stop complaining. Remember the haters are gonna hate. SO leave and make this community cheerier and happy once again 🙂

  74. Is there a detailed tutorial for dummies somewhere? I’ve gone through the help… but it didn’t really help. I’ve just ended up with one big horrible mess trying to set up the new site. None of it makes much sense to me and things don’t seem to work how I would expect them to. My live Smugmug homepage URL now has an action picture of a dirt bike as the background. How do I get rid of that? I want one of my pictures!

    This migration thing is a total disaster for me I’m afraid. My site is all messed up, broken and I don’t know how to fix it.

    1. Hi Ian, I checked out your site and I didn’t see the bike photo you were referring to so presumably you’ve found a way to remove it or at least try a different design. We’re sorry to hear that things aren’t going easily right away but please let us know what you need help with. We’ll be posting tips and tricks in the next few weeks that will help guide you along the way. Plus, we’ll be updating our help pages too, but it may be a few days until we get through them all.

  75. How do we get back to our regular log in once we’ve previewed and decided the new and improved sucks?

    1. i’m with ian and steve. you have to log off of the preview. but, when you log back in, you’ll be taken back to the preview. i can’t get to where i can edit my original site. i’ve asked a couple times now, but doesn’t seem anyone is seeing my question. helloooo… is this thing on!!!?? steve the log off is up under one of the drop downs. can’t get back on there right now to be more specific. my brain is about to explode.

    2. Steve, you should see a banner at the top of your screen with two buttons: One for going back to Legacy SmugMug and the other is to permanently Unveil your new site.

      Be sure to click the first one, and you can switch back and forth as often as you wish.

    1. Plus the hundreds of other things that were added that cost them thousands. Maybe sell one more print a year to offset. Or complain… it’s your choice.

  76. Hi, I need some clarification on the unveil vs. publish distinction (if there is one) for the new site release. I’m using the “sandbox” mode to play with the new features. I’ve made some customizations, and then click “done,” then I get a dialog box that says “Publish Changes Now?” and I can either publish now or publish later. Since I don’t have it all dialed in yet, I pushed “publish later.” But then it goes back to where it was before I made any of the changes I just made. So, my question is this:

    If I push “publish now” is that the same as “unveiling” my new site (ie, making it all visible to the world, irreversible, etc.)? Or will that just “publish” the changes that I just made to my “sandbox” preview mode so that I can continue tinkering with it before “unveiling?”


    1. Hi Manifest, this is why we used different words to “Publish” your changes and to “Unveil” your site. It’s the latter (Unveil) that is permanent, and for this reason we will ask you to type in the word “unveil” to verify.

      In the future when you are no longer in Preview Mode, hitting the “Publish Changes now” button will indeed make your changes visible to the public.

      Hope that makes sense!

  77. I can log off just fine, but every time I log on I am now forced to see this “new and improved” screen.

    I tried several previews to see if I could find anything remotely acceptable and found nothing.

    One caveat for those previewing, if you try some customizing, you’ll hit a screen that only gives 2 options. Publish Now or Publish Later.

    Luckily my back button worked and I could exit the screen after several attempts.

    Smugmug says that once you publish you are stuck forever with this latest and greatest thing that they have unleashed upon us.

    For those happy with this new “Flickr” copy, that is fine, but I’ve spent way too much time and effort putting together what I want my site to look like.

    I guess until the powers that be at smugmug decide to share how to get out of the preview, I’ll have to stay logged out. There’s too much of a “gotcha” waiting to happen if you stay logged in.

    1. I love how you tell us your life story and step by step insight in to hating something. Glad we need to go back to the 1990s web and maybe have you create yourself a geocities site.

  78. looks great now if only I could get in and create my own but it keeps telling me I am forbidden to look at other designs, lol

    1. fixed that now . had to log out and log back in.. sure hoes the bugs are worked out of this thing soon

      1. Hi Sheila, we apologize for the hiccups but we are way more popular than we ever even dreamed after this morning. Our team has been working nonstop all day to be sure the site and migrations keep running smoothly. Thanks for your patience!

  79. Supposedly my old site is supposed to work as it did before for the time being. However, all that’s loading is a blank black page. I haven’t even taken a peek at the new changes yet but I’m pissed that my old site won’t even load!!!!

      1. Thanks MP. I posted a bit later that I finally got it to load so all is well…as far as that goes anyway. 🙂

        1. I don’t have the “THIS PRICELIST IS APPLIED TO…GALLERY” on the Right!

          On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 11:56 PM, The SmugMug Blog wrote:

          > ** > Jo commented: “Thanks MP. I posted a bit later that I finally got it to > load so all is well…as far as that goes anyway. :-)” >

  80. My legacy site is now dysfunctional even though I did not migrate to the new site. Gallery thumbnails are missing and when I go to a gallery with sub-category galleries and click on them I get “No Galleries Found” Boy, there is a big problem!

  81. It appears that the legacy site is only function if I am logged in. If I visit it as a guest, without logging in, it seems that some things have been migrated to the new folder structure without me having agreed to this and they no longer function when visiting the site as a guest.

    Bad, bad, bad SmugMug!

  82. I’ve tried migrating all day but the screen never refreshes and if I manually refresh it just asks me to migrate again. Any suggestions? Or to I just need to let it do it’s thing for a few hours?

    1. Matt – I’m having the same problem. My regular page finally loaded so I could log in, etc. Then I tried to check out the new site and am having the same issues as you.

  83. Seems that smugmug is back in “read only”.

    Seems to be one big cluster **** today.

    Still waiting on an answer as to how to avoid the “preview” now that I’ve decided this new and improved is definitely not for me.

  84. The truth is out there:

    When asked about how long I can keep my old site (been a customer over 7 years) here’s the response:

    “Tristan here from SmugMug. Thank you for writing.

    We currently don’t have a time frame on that unfortunately.

    I wish I had a better answer for you on that.

    1. That’s pretty sad that they would force people to downgrade … maybe they are working on putting back all the key components they left out that separated SmugMug from all the other people?

      I can dream can’t I?

  85. Look good so far. Will the imbedding of photos on blogs and discussion sites still work the same way?

    1. John, your old embedded images should still work just fine, yes. And you will be able to continue getting links to embed them anywhere you wish.

  86. Just wanted to add my voice that I think this is awesome. The SmugMug look was getting old and stale and I had to watch competition adapt and get better. I’m very happy to see SmugMug back on top and adapting to the changing nature of the web. Great work guys! I’ll continue to stick around for a long time.

    1. Thanks so much, Brandon! We hope you stick around and see what we cook up, too. And we hope that you’ll share what you’re building and shooting with us.

  87. I worry that everything in the Live Stream and on this blog relating to the new SmugMug only refers to “photos” I was really hoping to see some advancements on the video front as that is the biggest new revenue stream available to all the photographers out there using DSLR’s. But instead, not even a one word mention in the presentation….lots of beautiful, and gorgeous.

    Is there now a way to grab a thumbnail from your uploaded video…aka vimeo style? Or are we still stuck uploading as a second step?


    1. Hi Ray, we didn’t list out every single thing that changed during the demo but we have made some steps to improve video. Now, video hosting is included with every SmugMug account (including Basic) and we’ve cleaned up the video player so it fits with the new design. We don’t get as much feedback from our customers about video as we for photos, so please share your ideas and wishes with us:

      1. Is there a list compiled of all the new video related features? Specifically is there any difference in the way thumbnails are created or do I still have to load those as a secondary step?


  88. Hi Guys
    New site is all very pretty but I really cannot find much detail about the backend – especially for users outside the Evil Empire – sorry USA…
    Where can I find details about Self Fulfilment, local labs for printing and payment in local currency?
    All the links just seem to take me to pages that show how wonderful the experience is for the customer – not us, the users.

    1. Trevor, this rollout was a massive change in our code base that made it easier for us to make improvement and build new features, so it’s just the beginning. We have gotten so much feedback from pros (from all over the world) about making the pro features better and please believe us that it’s on our radar. We want you to succeed and not have to struggle with running a business, either. So even though self-fulfillment and more labs was not on today’s launch, we have plenty of things coming in the next few years. Thanks for your patience.

  89. Very exciting stuff. However, I’m trying to migrate my web site to the Preview mode and it’s been in the “rounding up your stuff” mode for 20 minutes. Is it stuck in a moebius loop? Should I stop that and try again?

  90. Sorry, it SUCKS. The rollout is a disaster. You have provided no youtubes in how to do these things. And even when I try, it keeps reverting back to another design after I click save. What a disaster.

    1. Used no tutorials and in 10 minutes had an amazing site up and running. Guess if you actually play with it instead of complaining you’d make it farther in life.

  91. galatasblog :

    That video is only relevant for anyone opening a brand new account. A tutorial is desperately needed to help existing users to adapt to the new design. My own homepage is a mess on the new site and unless I get help to sort it out I’ll be stuck with the legacy version forever . . . unless I desert Smugmug altogether which is looking likely.

    We also have written a series of new help pages that help orient existing customers like you all to the new system. We’ll be refining them as time goes by (based on your feedback) but please take a look:

    Additions/changes to our other help pages is also in the works, but it will take us a couple of days to get everything up to speed. Thanks for your patience!

    1. It’s unbelievable to me that you would roll this out and then AFTER you write instructional information for existing users???? What the? It’s mind boggling. Umm you need some YOUTUBES. Hellooooooo!!!! I just wanna go back and not do ANYTHING right now. But unfortunately I can’t quite go completely back. It has that stupid note at the top of my smugmug to view the new one. And when I click my bookmark, it takes me to the new, unorganized site! Lordy.

      1. Why were we not told that if we decide to keep the Legacy system that we had to see the new system every time we went into our account?

      1. Exactly! Companies should never ever rest on their laurels or present themselves as in a bubble of congratulations until the system has rolled out and the users are happy. Ugh! I hate that! It is so off-putting.

  92. How long does the migration take??? Mine has been running for about two and a half hours…..and still nothing.

    1. Hi DC and all, the length of time migration takes depends on how many people are doing this at the time, so it can take more than a couple of minutes, unfortunately. We will email you once it’s done, so you will know when you can begin playing with your new site. Thanks for your patience.

  93. Yes, I’m having a long wait for migration as well (I’ve been waiting about an hour as of 8:12pm EST). I suppose it’s possible that everyone is migrating at once, and it’s slowed the system down as a result. I also have a LOT of photos stored on the site though.

    What should the average wait-time be for migration? What if you have 10,000+ photos, will that take significantly longer?

    Thanks for your time,


    Robin Strand :
    The Preview process has been going on for about two hours now, not two minutes….what is wrong…?

    1. I closed it down after nearly 2 hours of waiting. I guess I will come back in a few weeks when the hype has died down and the bugs have been ironed out.

      1. Kevin, you’ll get an email sent to the address on your account when migration is finished and your new preview site has all of your photos.

    1. Ditto here. Thought it might’ve quit and just kept the sliding to and fro doing its thing, but my browser is still making unanswered calls for information. Too reminiscent of another recent makeover… Hoping it is just situational winter molasses rather than a glimpse into the crystal ball.

  94. I’m super excited about the seemingly amazing upgrades and changes!!!! I’ve been in in the “Rounding up your stuff” mode for quite some time now!!! I’m guessing the system is crashing from all the use. Thanks and it looks really exciting!!!!

    1. Umm… you only see that on your end. It tells you that the gallery is not listed for regular folk to see when they travel to your site 🙂

  95. What about the MacDaddy app? Has it been updated to interact with the ‘new’ deeper file structure capability?

  96. Same problem here, after 3 hours of unsuccessful “2 min wait”, I give up and close the window. I hope it will not affect anything.

    I wish Smugmug would communicate about this and let us know if it’s OK to close.

    Btw Smugmug heroes: did you not at some point expect that a massive amount of account would try the new Smugmug? Were you not prepared? I mean obviously it would be over loaded, so why not tell people to wait, or give time windows for people to chnage to the new mode (tuesday east coast, wednesday mid, thursday west, friday rest of the world)…

    Hope it will back on track soon so I can play with the new designs!

  97. I have tried several times to “Get started” with the new format – to no avail. It just keeps ticking over saying it is collecting my material, which according to smug mug should only take a few minutes. I have had it running for up to an hour at a time and still no progress. Is there a problem with the system at the moment? I cleaned out as many photos as possible before making this change over.

  98. This sounds awesome! I was actually contemplating switching off my SmugMug account due to the limitations. Looks like I don’t have to anymore 🙂

  99. Well, I think it’s time someone clearly say: DON’T CLICK on MIGRATE at the moment. It will take hours without success.

    Interesting fact: in the Status of Smugmug, all the points are showing the green light, so I guess everything is fine!

  100. I think the demo should have also outlined the great features that were removed instead of everyone noticing they are gone and then asking the same questions …

      1. Steve, we include full-screen slideshows with your galleries, still include geotagging and mapping capability, but we do require that our brand is placed somewhere in the footer.

        1. I could not get the Slideshow to show the entire width that it does now. How can I set it up so that the Slideshow is the same “fill the monitor” size when first presented to users as it is today?

          That’s good news that you have geo-tagging still … I couldn’t find it. Where is it?

          So you are now forcing your Ad on the footer?
          Why would you do this when you advertise an “Ad free” site?
          It is dishonest.
          We don’t have it now … we don’t want it.

      2. Steve they’ve always required you to have the footer. Read the rules and agreements you signed when you registered. Also it’s not the same as having a giant B&H banner at the top of the page. That would be an AD. Please go away.

    1. FX, it’s very possible, yes. Migration time depends on how many people are requesting it at the time, but you will receive an email once it’s finished. If it looks like it’ll be a while, we recommend that you check back. Thanks for your patience.

  101. I am still waiting on my photos to migrate, but I watched the presentation today and I can’t wait to get started. The customization is going to be so awesome. I will spend the next week or two making my site my own, since it will be simpler now. I will for sure continue with smug mug. I had pondered down grading my level, but I think I will now stay pro.

  102. I just learned from that the Communities feature has been eliminated with the new release. That, unfortunately, is a show stopper for me. While I like the customization of the new site, I don’t see myself renewing my pro subscription without the Community feature. That functionality drove over 90% of the hits to my galleries. Talk about a huge mistake on Smugmug’s part. They had this release almost perfect, but blew it big time with that one foolish decision.

    1. I didn’t notice that one R.J.

      The big mistakes were removing the best features on the site: Full screen slideshows, geo-tagging (what separated SmugMug from other sites like Zenfolio), and the Ad-free footer.

      Three huge losses ….

    2. What???? The communities feature is gone? That’s a show stopper for me too. Onto flickr I guess. Sighs. That is so sad. What the heck were they thinking? They should’ve sent out a survey to the users to get feedback through surveymonkey. Lordy. now I’ve gotta figure out what to do.

    3. Probably a deal breaker for me as well. I’ve been part of the Dailies community for a few years and really don’t want to give that up. I was excited about the new Smugmug until I heard this news.

    1. Not without user intervention … but you can put cheesy notes on your screen that says “Click here to show this slideshow the way it should show” … lame or what?

  103. Does anyone know an easy way to download all my photos other than one by one ? As a customer for more than 5 years I have uploaded over 20.000 photos My subscription expires in two weeks and I don’t want to renew if I can’t stick with the legacy version forever.

    1. Gallery downloads are always available as part of your subscription. You can download zip files of your galleries from the Site Organizer by highlighting the gallery and clicking on the down arrow that appears in the menu row at the top of the preview pane.

  104. Hey all! I am so excited!! How long should it take to ‘Round up my stuff” ? I clicked on the preview about 2 hours ago and I am still waiting.

    1. Unlike Steve, I have only >1K photos, and like Ester Delurgio its been hours. a Pro user is a Pro user regardless of # of images hosted, IMHO.

    2. Valerie, the length of time it takes to migrate depends on how many people have requested it at the time. So unfortunately it can take more than a few minutes. We recommend that you check back and wait for the email that we’ll send you when it’s done. Thanks for your patience.

  105. This looks great … but I tried migrating my site and it’s been “rounding upmy stuff” for about 4 hours, so far. ‘Film at Eleven.’

  106. Hi, my current site is jonesy28 but people have trouble finding it because of another jeff jones that has a gallery. For some reason joeny28 will bring up his and not mine. Please advise

    1. Hi Jeff, would you mind writing to us with more details about what is happening? Are you using the search box, and are you searching on our homepage, etc? It may be a case of simply updating the info in your profile so that your fans will be able to search for more accurate terms:

  107. I only have maybe a couple of hundred photos and just under 3 hours and no joy on the migration. What a shame, first impression a bit of tarnish around the edges. Hoping tomorrow it will be sparkling.

  108. Hi, all…I have been waiting about an hour for the “round up” the system says it is working but I think not. 4 hours!??? that stinks…lucky Steve to have it happen so fast. i had to give up. I suppose too many are uploading today. hopefully this is not a sign of the future.

  109. I just came across a big problem on my site. I do not want to update now so want to stay with the site the way I have it. For some reason this update even though I have done taken it has broken my nav bar links. When I click features (that went to a gallery page I made) it now goes to

    Everyone check your links even if you did not upgrade!

    I think this is the last straw, once I find a good replacement off I go after 7 plus years. I would rather loose all the links and search advantage that I have then stay with a company that keeps upping the price and removing features (I know you will not agree on the last but for some people this update removed a lot)

    1. speedphotos, it would help us if you would post a link to your site so we can take a look and see what’s happening. If you’re not comfortable posting it here, please send our Support Heroes a message with your info and details:

  110. I am with Valerie, I have been waiting over 2 hours too 😦 Does it matter which browser you use? Should I be using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer ….

      1. Internet Explorer, I was going to try firefox or chrome, but I dont know if I should close out the window it is still trying to preview in.

  111. I’m totally bummed about the community feature being removed. Why did they do that???? I will be forced to leave now. That was really dumb considering social networking is so big these days.

  112. Migrated for five hours with no result. I do not have that many images to take that long. I got frustrated and quit. Let me know when you get the bugs out of the system.

  113. I have less than 200 images and migration is taking 3+ hrs and counting. I really can’t wait to get started. I wish there was a status just to let me know how long it will take.

  114. I started the migration about 2 hours ago and have not received confirmation that it is complete yet. Can I upload new photos mid-migration?

  115. No responses on this blog by the “Heroes” since 5:00pm
    I uess they’ve all gone home to get ready for the big celebration party tonight.

  116. Smugmug!!!! I’m so excited to re-do my website with these fantastic new tools! I have been trying to migrate for over five hours!! I’ve tried using Chrome and Internet Explorer. I’ve rebooted my computer etc. Please fix this soon! gahh!

    1. Hi Melissa, migration has nothing to do with your computer so there’s nothing wrong with that, don’t worry! The time for migration varies depending on the number of photos in the queue, so please hang tight and continue on your way and we’ll send you a confirmation email when your preview mode is ready. Thanks for your patience.

  117. You need to bring back the timeline search; recent photos and maybe the most popular photos options.

    1. Robert, we still have those options and those pages are all as customizable as any other pages on your site. You can access your timeline by adding /date to the end of your SmugMug domain. We’ll have a lot more information about this and some other pages as blog posts very soon.


      Take it all in w/ grain(s) of salt.

      Listen for where MacAskill says, “Don’t get ahead of me!!!, Don’t get ahead of me!!!…” I’ve been trying to stay behind him with my migration request, but I would really love him to get ahead of me and make it happen (the migration, that is.)

      1. How can I possibly get ahead of him when I can’t get anything to happen? I guess he doesn’t need to worry then.

        1. Hence my post…I’m feeling a not of lot of care

          They’re on Google+ right now, taking questions, but ignoring the sloooow migrate

          1. Yeah – sorry – your post prompted my response but I meant it to go as a general post to SM…I didn’t mean “your heroes”. 😉

  118. “Rounding Up Your Stuff
    This usually just takes a minute or two, but it could take longer. ” twenty minutes later and nothing. You guys SUCK at your upgrades. Do you do any beta testing at all?

    Signed: Unhappy customer.

    1. My stuff has been “rounding up” for about 6 hours now. I use Chrome primarily. According to the SmugMug statement, you can go about your business while it’s happening and should get an email when it’s, I finally closed the browser window it was in as I was annoyed with checking on it and seeing no progress.

      I’m generally pissed that they couldn’t anticipate the system demands something like this would create! I am a very small company… meaning a bit more of a hobbyist. I only do a handful of paying clients each year…most of my stuff is done pro-bono for various charities. The Pro subscription is A LOT of money for me..

      I know problems come up and happen… but to not even have your “heroes” (b/c their certainly not my heroes right now) answering people on this chain today is almost completely unacceptable to me. There should be a hero SITTING on this list making DAMN SURE that people questions and problems are addressed even if they can’t be fixed at the moment.

      Saying “I’m Sorry” or giving some kind of explanation can go MILES in customer service. But it would seem no one at the office understands this.

      1. Jo, you can still upload photos and use the SmugMug site that you’ve always had while you wait for the migration confirmation email. We are sorry about the extremely unexpected high demand for migration, which is something beyond everything we predicted and prepared for, and we hope that you’ll be patient.

      1. David and Keith, just let it run and continue doing whatever you usually do on a weekday night. You can continue to use your SmugMug site as usual, and we’ll send you an email when your sandbox is ready.

    1. Me too … I just saw someone else mention that the comments are not being brought over? I’ll have to check that.

      How many things are they wiping out that went totally ignored during the “hype” today?

  119. The migration has been going on for over 4 hours now. After reading this blog I think I’ll just forget the migration and leave my site the way it is. I really don’t want to give up the full screen slideshow. At first this all looked really good but now it looks more like a bummer…..

  120. Okay, you guys are not going to believe this ….”Please note that gallery comments do not exist anymore, only photo comments, so if you had gallery comments in your guestbook, these have not been migrated to your New SmugMug site. We’re sorry for any inconvenience”


    Client comments are gone ….. poof.

    1. Uuugh! I don’t have a lot of comments at all – I don’t have a very saavy clientele. But I think the few I do have are gallery comments, not image comments. Sigh.

      1. Agreed. Whomever the marketing genius is that convinced Chris and Don to do this ought ot be given his or her walking papers.

        We didnt need another Flicker. I’m not a pro, and my site was not customized, but from what I can see of previews, its already a loss. Now to hear that they have deleted comments….thats flat out assinine.

        I’m already reading of the loss of several features that I used on a regular basis.

        1. So, what other features are gone now????????

          Jeff Roberts :
          Agreed. Whomever the marketing genius is that convinced Chris and Don to do this ought ot be given his or her walking papers.
          We didnt need another Flicker. I’m not a pro, and my site was not customized, but from what I can see of previews, its already a loss. Now to hear that they have deleted comments….thats flat out assinine.
          I’m already reading of the loss of several features that I used on a regular basis.

      2. 1) homepage slideshow is gone &/or diminished
        2) gallery comments gone
        3) Make tiny url is gone

        I’m sure there is more. I started the migration process over 2 hours ago. still buffering. The video presentation was a joke. I felt like the people in the crowd must have been a paid cheering section. The one guy kept referring to the default layout as being “organic”.

        I got news for you folks. Manure is organic. I like to think of my smugmug page as something better than manure.

        I cant wait any longer….its after 11 pm east coast time and I have to be up at 4:30 for my paying job.

        will see what tommorow brings.

  121. Hope they are enjoying the party. You would think on a major launch someone from staff would be on here for support. Demo looked awesome but until the community feature is resolved I am out.Actually I was never in, after 3 hours of migrated I bailed.

  122. My migration status after nearly 3 hours remains unchanged. I guess the progress is not meant to be watched closely but I hope the end results are.

  123. Read on a FAQ page that existing links should automatically redirect “assuming they have the album ID and key in them”. Anyone know what this means? Will the shortened links made in legacy not be able to direct in the new smugmug?

    I’ve been poking around and can’t seem to find the “shorten this link” button. Is this gone now?

    When will the client be able to download the entire gallery from within the gallery?

  124. I was so excited to hear of the updated sites, and ready to get mine updated. Although its been migrating for 5 hours now… How long does it normally take?

  125. Migration for me took a matter of seconds… only several 100 images rather than thousands mind you and maybe I was just lucky and got in before the rush? But once you do migrate you then have the next challenge to face. Customizing and making this new look act and behave like a functioning usable site is seriously doing my head in – it’s taking SO much time to try figure it all out and make sense of it, but it is now thankfully starting to take shape. There’s things that are not at all obvious and many things that take a fair amount of trial and error. I’n not sure I’ll ever feel fully confident to ‘unveil’ though. Has anybody actually got to that stage yet I wonder?

  126. I have searched like crazy. How do I set my featured image on my gallery now. It’s not showing the option like the old way of selecting the specific image within the gallery and “feature”….??? Anyone?

    1. In your gallery, hover Customize > click Gallery Settings. It’s under Basic. “featured image” I think….

      1. If it’s any help I’m currently in something called “Organize Site”. In there I was able to navigate to my Galleries. There’s a menu button called “Settings” (next to “Upload”) – the Feature Image option can be found there.

  127. I don’t like how the folder titles disappear when the mouse pointer is on a particular folder. Someone could be looking for a specific folder and will not see it because it goes **PooF**

    1. This is customizable: Open up the site customizer and click on the little wrench icon that appears when you mouse over the content block. You should see a selection of info style options, usually under the “Display” tab.

      1. I like how the bar was over the image, but I do not see an option to keep it there without it disappearing when you do a mouse-over. I currently have it set for the name of the folder under the image.

  128. It has taken so far an hour to do the preview migration. Little too long for me to even preview

    1. Hi Jamie

      Sorry! There’s been a huge load on this tool today. We do apologize for the inconvenience. BE patient though because I’m certain you will like the new tools. They may seem like a lot to take in but they are super powerful!

  129. I’ve had a response to my emails to the Heroes. The general tone was “you’re a basic user so we aren’t really all that interested”.
    I can’t believe I’ve been paying for this “service” when I can get the same level free at Flickr.

    1. Hi there. Thanks for being such a long time customer. I looked up your ticket. I’m sorry you feel that you weren’t answered well. We will do better with our next response. Please do make sure you include detailed questions when you write us. We have a pretty high volume today and are doing our very best to provide specifics. Check this help page out for a start on getting a great look for a basic account.

    1. Hi Joe

      Sorry that you feel that way. We’ve watched our users ask for these features over the years, and believe that they solve so many feature requests. I’d encourage you to take a spin – it’s a great new tool set!

      1. But the great features you HAD are now gone.
        A newer release typically gives you what you HAD – plus MORE improvements.

        We have lost a LOT of features.

    2. Actually you should always work towards improvement. A website, like a car is never perfect for long. Eventually they both need an overhaul. Just like your attitude 🙂

  130. I, like many users, am very concerned about the apparent loss of accustomed features such as the full screen slide show and the nav bar. However, I DO think that once SM has a chance to fix various “bugs” and for the traffic/demand on the SM site to level out a bit, the new system may actually be much better than the old system.

    Let’s take a deep breath and realize that they have had good intentions and are under tremendous pressure to make most of us happy. I’m willing to give them a month or so…. a change this big was bound to have problems. The grass ain’t necessarily greener on the other side of the fence….

    1. Hi butlerkid and thanks for the support! for the record we do have full-screen slideshows and we do have navigation bars (we just call them “menu bars” now). We have noted that the full-screen homepage slideshow is something that a lot of people want, and it may be possible to do this again in the future.

      Our team has been working tirelessly all through today (as well as over the last several weeks) replying to feedback and making fixes to the site, and we hope that everyone will continue to share their feedback and help us shake out the bugs.

      1. Can you please let me know via e-mail when you have resolved the slideshow issue, and recovered my Guestbook, and kept the Ads out of the footer …

        Then I will try to set up my website again.


      2. Full screen slide show FOR THE HOMEPAGE! WHY would you expect visitors to a website to be interested in diving into detailed galleries if they can’t see an indication of the overall quality or varierty of images that are contained within the site!

        PLEASE….this is very basic! Get folks interested enough on the Homepage that they then want to spend some time on the site……

    2. It doesn’t seem to be an oversight that they wiped out our guestbooks, or that they are now forcing Ads on all of our page footers.

  131. How do I go from my old website to one of yours. I have bluehost as my host but I want a website with smugmug. How do I still keep my same domain?

  132. To all those who are complaining about how long it takes……,, HELLO! Today was their first day to launch! Of course its going to take a while. Wait a few days before migration if you want it faster. This is common sense. Give them a break 🙂

    1. Being in IT for nearly 20 years – my recommendation (and only a recommendation) is to update the message to say this could take several hours, please be patient (if this hasn’t already been done). Please don’t flame me 🙂 just making a recommendation. Hope this is taken as that – I’m not complaining, was only asking a question initially and I was actually part of this complaint from A.N. from the looks of it (sorry to fuel the fire). I also realize (hence my comment earlier) that these things take time. I’ll be patient. Thanks for the updates – it is really appreciated and I’m looking forward to trying them out.

      1. You’re right Jim … from a technical perspective it has been pretty successful from what I have seen. I have about 30,000 photos uploaded and they converted in 2 minutes. I think their servers just got overwhelmed with so many conversions all at the same time.

        The only disappointing part is the loss of the best features we had.

        If they fix those – it would be awesome. Until them I am staying with the legacy which has the features we have come to rely on and love.

  133. How do I get rid of CHECK OUT THE NEW SMUGMUG from on top of my Home page ?

    When support for “legacy” stops my account will also cease to exist. I have had enough of this ridiculous nonsense.

    If I wanted Flicker I would have used Flicker for FREE, I don’t want Flicker

    1. I’m with you on this one. I wonder how the staff felt when they were doing the build up to this release and everyone had comments begging not to go the way of Flickr and 500px. I opened the blog post and just started laughing.

    1. Migration can take a while if the load is high, which it is because we’ve gotten very popular today. We suggest that you hang tight, keep doing whatever you do on a Tuesday night and use your site as normal. You’ll receive an email once your new preview mode is ready for you. Thanks for your patience!

  134. Apparently I lost my ENTIRE GUESTBOOK!

    What a total screw-up.

    I assume everyone involved in this redesign knows about all the things we lost – yet not ONE of them was mentioned during the “demo”. Why not?

    Why do we all have to discover everything we lost rather than you just being up front with everyone?

    WE LOST:

    Ad free footer
    All Guest book entries
    All gallery entries

    WHAT ELSE DID WE LOSE? If anything?

    1. Hi Steve

      Sorry that you are upset. While your old Gallery level comments won’t automatically import into SmugMug new, you can definitely add a comment content block to any page, so can create a guest book.

      The other item that will change, when we do have everyone migrate over to the NEW SmugMug will be communities. Right now, you can still participate in communities if you are using the preview mode.

      You have not lost any of the other features you mention.

      1. Yes, I did lose important things. I lost the main slideshow which can no longer be full size. This is the main thing that people first see when visiting my site – therefore VERY important.

        The Ad-free footer I also lost. Are you saying I can keep what I have now?

        I don’t care about setting up a NEW guestbook … I care about all the comments I have and not losing them. They have important names and e-mail addresses on them. And important comments.

        I didn’t see the “Map This” button on any of my galleries that now have it – so I have not seen any geo-tagging to know if it works. I didn’t see it in the demo either. If it is there – that is great … but I haven’t seen it.

        Do I have to set up all the galleries one at a time to keep the Geography setting?


      2. Steve. Go away. Stop telling us your life story about how bad you are at using something so simple. Then maybe I will go away. I will haunt you in your dreams though.

    2. I would really prefer if we lost you cause you’re lame.

      Slideshows is still there and works just fine, geo-tagging is there, if you read the agreement you signed you weren’t supposed to hide the smugmug branding ever, guestbooks and gallery comments are pretty much lame.

      You’ve threatened to leave a few times. Go. Find a new home. A better home. A home in geocities style websites!!!

      1. You are a moron. I didn’t threaten to leave once.

        Stop spamming the board with your blatant lies.

        What are you 12 years old?

      2. Steve I’m trying to put words in your mouth that way maybe you’ll think you said and you’ll go away. Sadly my trick did not work. Instead it makes you unhappy. Then again, everything makes you unhappy fro what I’ve read.

  135. G’night peeps. Hung as long as I could waiting for Preview to finish. Dropped in on the Google+ and heard some different views, and IMHO, the jury is still out. Hoping to be able to view my stuff (there isn’t a lot of it) in the ‘sandbox mode’ I’ve seen comments that an email will be sent when the migration is complete to other commenters here, but cannot find anywhere that specifically says once the process is begun that we will be notified when it completes. Maybe I missed it…hoping so.

    1. G’night Ben – definitely sending emails when migration completes. As well there is no need to keep the migration progress page open! Just go ahead and catch some zzzs.

  136. So what is amazing about the comments is that they are mostly negative…and there are about 6 smug mug official comments and they all say something to the effect of “hang in there…” I have been trying to “preview” my new smugmug for the last 4 hours…with no luck. as a fan…I am beginning to think…”fail.” sadly. I am not a heavy user, but I do store my photos there….and I pay for it. I think i have made a mistake.

    1. Hi there. Can you elaborate on what you mean by “with no luck”? What’s the trouble that you are experiencing? We’d love to help but we do need more info to do so!

  137. I have been migrating for over two hours. I have been trying to take the time I have reading and looking at new designs, but every time I click on new designs it asks me if I want to migrate to preview and it goes to start again. so I closed that window. Is this why there is a delay in everyone migrating? If everyone is clicking this will it keep restarting?? Once migrating has begun it shouldn’t bring you back to this screen.

  138. The new SmugMug looks great and I can’t wait to play with the new UI. How long is the Preview supposed to take to migrate? Any one else having a super long time of it? Mine has been running for almost 5 hours now.

    1. Hi Alykhan

      We can’t be sure how long the migration will take, since we’ve been pretty popular today. Watch for the email. No need to keep that progress window open! Sorry I don’t have a concrete answer for you right now.

    2. Mine took a little while, but I’ve got 8600 images. I received their email, watched their videos about the new site, played with it a bit, and my site (version 1) is up and running. I’ve almost figured out how to do all that I used to do with it. It’s working, it looks cool, and it’s a very new look with HUGE images when ever possible. I like it..

  139. I went to the Trey Ratcliff google hangout. It was unbelievable how the smugmug top leaders were congratulating themselves. They have not read this blog. I waited for 3 hours for my preview and never got it. Then, I was worried that my legacy system might be damaged. Good news. My legacy system is working just as before. I tested the upload function and all is well. If you want to see how the new smugmug site works, go to trey ratcliff’s site… All you get is 1,000 plus pictures In no particular order. The galleries have no descriptions.

    1. Hi Esther

      Sorry that it’s taking a while for you to migrate. We hope it won’t be too long.

      The look of Trey’s site is his choice. He completely designed his own sites look and feel, and he is very happy with it. It’s really powerful and totally up to you to have galleries and folder hierarchy and any descriptions that you’d like. In fact we’ve added descriptions at both the folder level and the page level. Much more powerful. I hope you’ll like what you see once your migration finishes.

    2. They should be congratulating themselves. First off this takes time. Ye if your site is down for a bit thats sad, but guess what. No site is up 100% of the time. It’s impossible. If you ran your own site like I do you’d realizes very quickly that is costs a ton more and won’t be as awesome as this. Just for hosting alone I spend $400 a year for a server that I can do the things I want, but I have to spend hours fixing them and it’s just me here. My smugmug page goes down I don’t care cause it’ll be back up and I spend way less money on it with way more benefits. Use the darn thing before you complain and complain. Sometimes you can’t have your cake and eat it.

  140. Team Smugmug,

    All I have to say is thank you for being a rock solid and amazing site for our team to host our images and give our clients and amazing experience. You started as our main page about 6-7 years ago when I first picked up a camera and eventually I moved up and my site demands have increased to where I need my own server space and my own site and blog but we’ve always used you to backup our images and share the galleries to our clients. We have over 1.5TB of images stored on your servers and never have I felt scared for their safety. I know you’re feeling the heat right now with the new launch and so many people sit back and complain about things that honestly don’t matter cause your job is to put out the best darned product you can for the majority of users. More people complain than compliment so I’m here as the few who’ve said it and the thousands who are loving what you’ve done but are too busy playing with the new features to say it.

    Thank you.

    This is a great update and our client site looks amazing with only 10 minutes of playing with your awesome designer. It’s easy, simple and with a short amount of time can become very powerful.

    Don’t listen to the negativity and hold your heads up high knowing you’re thousands of peoples super heroes.


    1. Ok Chris, I’ve read all the comments up to this point, and I really feel someone needs to explain to you how your behavior is reflecting on SM, whom you seem to be trying to help, but honestly, you are doing so much harm it should be part of a Sit-Com skit, not part of a serious blog about a paid for product.

      First, I’m very glad you are over the moon happy about every little thing SM does. But you do need to realize some of us are not, and as paying customers we have the right to approach the company that takes our money with our concerns.

      Sure, some of us could be a little more professional, and some of us could be a little more detailed about the particular problems we have, but the rest of us have been calm, professional, and articulate in our grievances in an effort to make clear to SM that certain features were more important than they thought when they were designing this make-over.

      You following along the entire comments section and insulting every person that does not sing the high holy praises of SM and their new system is childish and ignorant. And to be honest, the fact that SM has replied to you with any sort of positive reply that did not include a comment about you not harassing the other customers, makes SM look extremely bad to me.

      I can deal with a lot, but I have a huge issue with a company that allows their customers to abuse one another, much less encourages it with positive comments.

      So perhaps you could be a little more positive and helpful in your comments, instead of making people that are already upset even more angry, which only serves to take money away from SM.

      I would like to think you are not actively trying to put SM out of business after all…

  141. I have always been a strong supporter of smugmug, even when they raised the prices for the same reasons you mentioned. I think the new site will be great for some people. If Smugmug continues to support the legacy system, everyone should be happy. Some of the posts on this blog, refer to serious problems… not just time to complete preview, but more about what they have lost. This forum can serve as a warning to those who are still deciding about clicking that “migrate” button.

    1. The warning of having an awesome new site! Boom!

      No, seriously. Most of the posts on this blog are rants and very sad, unhappy rants. Site works great and had no issues. Do people have legitimate issues? Yes they do! Is the answer to their issue, “smugmug shouldn’t have changed anything it wasn’t broken!” No. The site is going to have hiccups today and probably for a week. It’s part of it. The internet is like this and complaining isn’t going to teach everyone how to create a newer and better looking and interacting site. Complaining gets you stuck at the bottom of the pile with cockroaches and the sticky stuff on the floor that someone forgot to mop up.

      1. Hey Chris,
        Easy to recognize you as a fanboy, but in all honesty…if you are going to troll, how about putting correct contact information up so we can reach out…or better yet,maybe we can learn from how awesome you have made YOUR SM site…oops, your site address is conveniently omitted. Darn, I really wanted to see how truly awesome your site had become since the change. 😦

    2. That’s true … as long as they keep the Legacy system, we can rest knowing that we won’t lose any of the great features we have been accustomed to enjoying. These features are what sets SM apart from the other sites, so we don’t want to lose them.

    3. Hey Esther and everyone

      Please know that by clicking migrate you lose nothing at all. You will be able to flip back and forth between legacy and NEW Preview without a hitch. Your visitors see legacy, while you get to know NEW and get your site organized and looking very 2013!! Meanwhile, legacy keeps on trucking along, it’s old reliable self.

      We hope that you’ll love all of the new functionality. We’ve poured heart and soul into it. At some time in the future we do want to have everyone on the NEW SmugMug.

      1. And we all want to be on the new system … we just can’t sacrifice the great features.

        It is great we can keep the features in the legacy system thougj! We love them.

      2. That part is unclear to me. Some people have talked about being forced to go to preview when they sign on. Also some have talked about difficulty uploading, once the preview process is complete. The new photos don’t go into existing galleries, but go into a new preview gallery. After you complete the preview process, and you decide that you like the legacy features and functions, can you turn off the “new” or is it too late? Have all of you photos, gallery descriptions, etc. been changed and lost forever?

  142. I’ve said it before…Smugmug rocks! From what I’ve seen so far, I’m loving the newness! Day 1 of transition and nothing has crashed, considering there’s at least a gazillion requests for things to happen, I’d say it’s successful! Folks be patient. Change is never easy but sometimes it’s necessary to stay competitive. Remember when you first had a website and the challenges that came along with that? It will just take a little time to adjust. Love ya SM!!!

  143. Chris :
    Move on Steve. Don’t you have laundry or sleep or something to take care of???

    Just because something works for you does not mean it works for everyone, there is no need to be a dick. I have paid for this service for over 7 years and myself and any others have every right to complain.

    Believe it or not but this update does affect some people in a negative way and not all features are carried over. Also this update has messed up links on my site even without updating to the new look so leaving it as is does not work either.

    1. Blah blah blah more complaining. If you have the “right” to complain I have the right to pick on you complainers cause you’re all lame.

      1. No one ever said you don’t have the right to call the complainers lame but it is the ultimate waste of time. What effect does it have on you that not everyone is happy with the updates…none.

      2. Well chuck because you don’t need that information. Thanks for trying to stalk me though. Sadly not into complainers. Love people who can adapt and see the potential in front of them 🙂

  144. Sofar it looks great. It has been a while that I had the feeling that SM had to update their looks and update their accessibility. Well a great job was done and most customizing is intuitive.
    One question: I use theme ISIS and expect all my galleries to display as Collage Landscape, which is what I see in the settings dialog. However all my galleries display default as smugmug layout. Is there a way to change all my galleries to Collage Landscape in one action so that I do not have to do it per gallery?

    You guys did a great job, congratulations!

    1. Thanks Jan! Go to the Organizer. If you want to have every page on your site use the same display, then make sure you’ve got all folders showing in the center, and click the ‘select all’ to the top right. Now, click settings top left and you will see BULK FOLDER settings open. You can make changes to appearance etc there, including gallery styles. There is a setting on the folder settings to have galleries and pages within it ‘inherit’ the folder settings so all galleries will get that gallery style (collage).

      Forgive me if I’m rambling – it’s been a long day.

  145. My header on my “old sight” disappeared, gone, vanished even on the computer that is NEVER logged in. My name is GONE….. WTF. I am not SMUG MUG and that is the ONLY name on my sight right now. GET IT FIXED. Is this why the cost of our websites went through the frigging roof???
    I haven’t even been able to fool around with the “new” crap and already you broke what I had. I’m with Steve at this point.

  146. Ok, I’m having problems getting things to migrate, I click the Migrate button and the lighted green line moves left/right but never completes it says “gathering your stuff” How long should I expect a migration to take and if it is stuck where do I go next. Cant’ get out of the blocks here!

    1. Hey Tom,

      It may take some time. I clicked migrate around 1500 MST, and I receive the email saying it had completed right about 2258MST

  147. It’s been over an hour since I clicked on Preview. I need to go to sleep and I don’t want to keep my computer running overnight in case something goes wrong. Is it okay to cancel the while in “rounding up your stuff” mode? Probably too late now for anyone to answer 😦

    1. Hi Jean

      You can close that browser tab or window without affecting the migration. Get some sleep!

  148. I really like the full page view! – displays images at their best – similar to views provided by SquareSpace

    I haven’t watched the release video yet, but I’m very disappointed that the initial highlights / summary don’t mention a linked lab for Australia

    1. Hi, can you write to our support heroes if you haven’t already done so? Please include as much information as possible about what galleries you are looking for that you can’t find. I took a swing around your site and it looks as though all your galleries are there between the two sites, but it may appear otherwise since your legacy site is displaying individual galleries and many of the default designs display folders (categories).

  149. Thank you, Smugmug. My new site is Awesome. The migration was fast and “unveil” was easy. I am now up and running with my 30.000 picture site – for the first time ever able to overlook the whole site and it’s content in the fantastic organizer. I just love it. Thank you.

  150. Chris :
    Can the download all feature be added to galleries??? I really would love for my clients to be able to download their images. it’s a killer feature that I’ve been lusting over for literally 5 years.

    Same to me … I’m wating some years for this feature …

    1. DO NOT do the migration or you’ll have to select Legacy every time you launch your site. Furthermore, you may select “Unveil New” in error as the buttons are next to each other and then you can’t get to the Legacy site! I wish I never migrated now!

  151. your new thing is fine, but how do I turn off the nag warning at the top “Legacy SmugMug (what your visitors are seeing). View New SmugMug.”

    Also, is this why I have to pay more money now after 9 years? If it is, can I get my the additional bucks back if I don’t use it?

    Also, do I have to wear blue deck shoes like the goof ball hipster in your promo video?
    If I do, I definitely want my money back…

  152. This isn’t a comment on the upgrade. It is about this discussion thread. Please would the person who manages the SmugMug blog take a look at what the troll who calls himself Chris has been posting here since the discussion started? Would you then take an executive decision as to whether juvenile and insulting comments should be allowed to interrupt what is, for the most part, a civilised, adult exchange of views? He is a minor annoyance but we would be better off without his childish interventions. Blocking him would cost nothing and improve the tone of the discussion.

    1. Here is the fact. Steve complained and constantly belittled the great work here by posting over and over that they removed the things. Point taken and in response it was far easier to show him how it feels when you repeat the exact same statement over and over again. He has learned from what I’ve read now and I am super happy 🙂

      1. There are multiple Steves posting here you idiot. You’re just an ignorant spamming troll.

        Go find a spine donor and come back when you are not anonymous. But cowards cannot be real men.

  153. I hate be a nag, and it looks amazing! I just can’t work it… I keep hitting blocks when I want to cancel and go back after trying something. I only get ‘settings’, ‘preview’, and ‘done’. I’m not done, I want to go back to the start! And although there are many cool options for new homepages, my preferred one isn’t there! And I don’t understand what I should drag and drop for a slideshow on my homepage…
    I don’t understand, I’m usually quick to pick up new things, but this I just don’t get… 😦

    1. Hi Desiree, sorry to hear things have been confusing at first. We promise that as you play with it, you’ll get the hang of it but feel free to tap us if you need help.

      If you were customizing and you want to back out completely, look at the box at the top of the customization pane. You should see the tree of “Entire Site”, “Homepage,” etc. You will see a little u-turn arrow next to the level you’re on, and clicking that will revert all your changes to whatever was last published. Hope that helps!

  154. It was a great launching, but as expected there are many questions without an answer.
    Amazing reflections.

    I’ve already migrated my site. What I miss a lot is the option to put JavaScript to make more customizations.

    BTW. I’ve read comments about the communities. It’s a shame that the communities have an uncertain future.

  155. Thomas Bradner, I am pretty sure you can allow your custonmers to “Download all” by enabling it in the Pricelists , Add Product, Gallery Dowload

  156. I’ve been on Smugmug for a while now in the hope you’d increase the number of images on the Map. Still says 150 max which is pointless as I have in excess of 10,000. I think I’ll cancel my subs

  157. In general my photos watermarked. In legacy smugmug those watermarks don’t show up in thumbnails. They show up now in all images and make the navigation pages somewhat unappealing.

    I’m sure people would yell at you if this didn’t happen by default (given the thumbs are bigger), but how do you turn this off?

  158. I do not see my previous remarks about the fact that although I did not migrate, I cannot access my own owner view website to work on the legacy site! And nobody is telling me why. It does not help to log out and re-log back in, it does not help to use another browser. You have the little tab that says “check out the new smug mug” however it cannot be ignored and i cannot get into my old site. I was hoping to wait until all the bugs were out of the systerm before migrating so I did not. But why cant i get into the old site? I emailed you four times and you send back fuzzy replies that are not detailed..” log out and back in”… very smug indeed

    1. Hi Roseann

      When you are on the NEW SmugMug, pick a design. Once you do that, even if you do nothing else, you will see a toggle at the top of your page to go back and forth from NEW to Legacy whenever you want to. Hope that helps.

    1. If it is the same. Especially if the have a user base of 300.000+ and a price like SmugMug. But they are not. Their price is three times higher, the space is very limited and they have a much smaller user base. Honestly it’s not the same. Not at all.

  159. Today is a new day!
    All of my questions were answered pleasantly by a helpful SmugMug hero at the help desk in a timely manner as I have grown accustomed to at SmugMug. 🙂
    Chris made a wonderful presentation yesterday! Kudos
    I am one of those people that absolutely hate change, that being said, I think the SmugMug developers have done an amazing job!
    I played around for a little while yesterday, all the while not having to worry about the integrity of my old SmugMug site.
    It is truly fantastic to be able to do this and see things happen in real time with simple drag and drop ease.
    I believe SmugMug really got it right.
    I can only imagine the endless possibilities the new structure will allow them to implement.
    My favorite part so far is the seven layers! Holy cow!
    I can’t wait to unveil my new site.
    Embrace the New SmugMug!

    1. I think you guys are overdoing the rah-rahs at this point… obviously you’re not just a regular SmugMug client but an in-client or friend/bizness associate.. way too obvious..

  160. everytime I log out then log in again I get the new site-Homepage as a default with a gallery of pics I DON”T want showing.. I tried to make the change for a default different gallery to no avail…then I have to switch to the Legacy site which is the way I want to see it–the old way… what gives.. still waiting for an answer.. and I guess I will be for a long long time… you guys did us wrong in a big way.. wow..


  161. Thank you Smugmug, both for the awesome new look, the easier and better customizing and organizing, AND all the work you’re doing this week. I received answers to both my emailed questions last night already, even though I’m sure you’ve been inundated with emails. And one of my questions was sort of silly due to simply being unfamiliar with the new design and impatient to make it work, so I asked instead of spending more time exploring. You all deserve a vacation after things settle down! I’ve been with you for 5 years and imagine I will be for many more!

    1. Michele, thanks for the support! We always love hearing from longtime customers, since we’ve certainly changed a lot through the years.

  162. How strange, clicked on migrate, chose a theme, made a few changes to the layout, unveiled my new site…. twenty minutes tops start to finish.
    Maybe they should have allowed the Rest of the World to get in first, we are far less likely to whinge about things!

    OK it’s not perfect, but it’s a damn site better than most of the other offerings available.

    And guess what? I have full screen slideshows and I didn’t even have to ask nicely to get them…. they just happened.

    Yes there are some things that would be nice to change, like being able to add MY referral link to the ‘Photo Sharing by SmugMug’ credit (I don’t mind it being there but would like some reward for sending new clients to you).

    But it’s early days for the new layouts, looking forward to future changes 🙂

    1. Hi Phil,

      I was just on your site and I don’t see a full screen slideshow on your home page.

      Am I in the right spot?

  163. I just woke up to find a new smugmug site of my stuff. I thought when I turned my computer off that nothing would happen…. wrong. Overall, I think it will be ok. The photos are much larger. The titles of the galleries are still there. When you click on a gallery the description is still there. The themes just change the background colors, it looks like to me. The full-screen slideshow can be implemented on a pc device by clicking full screen in windows.
    Right now, I can’t find any concerns.

    1. So is the plan to put a banner on every homepage saying “FInd the full screen icon and press it before looking at this page”? Since it is now impossible to get the same amazing slideshows that they used to brag about having?

      I don’t understand why the new and improved requires the users to press buttons to get it to display what you used to be able to display as your first impression presentation – which is critical to having people stay on the site.

  164. Steve :
    Hi Phil,
    I was just on your site and I don’t see a full screen slideshow on your home page.
    Am I in the right spot?

    I think you’re confusing full screen slideshow (the gallery slideshow) vs Home page full screen slideshow. Lots of people used the Fastline Media code to get a full screen slideshow on the homepage, but that no longer works with these templates.

    1. I’m not confusing anything. I have only been speaking of the Homepage slideshow. This is what users first see, and the first impression is critical for visitors. Once you are in the site, it doesn’t matter as much what the slideshow looks like.

      This was one of the best features of SmugMug compared to other sites. Now it is gone. That and the Ads on the footer are 2 show stoppers for me.

  165. I prefer to use the “unlisted” feature because most of my photos are for my own use only. Your new version puts a big “unlisted” text box in the middle of the gallery photo. I don’t need to be reminded that these galleries are unlisted. Is there any way to take those unlisted text boxes off? Thanks.

    1. Isn’t that a good thing to have so that you don’t have to drill down into the gallery to check that you do have it currently set to unlisted?

      1. Not really. I just want to see my photos without the “unlisted” text box. Because essentially all of my galleries are unlisted, I don’t need to be reminded on each and every one that they are unlisted with a big text box on top of the image. Is there a way to turn that off? If not, this is a deal breaker for me, I’ll have to stick with the original Smugmug layout.

  166. Not really. I just want to see my photos without the “unlisted” text box. Because essentially all of my galleries are unlisted, I don’t need to be reminded on each and every one that they are unlisted with a big text box on top of the image. Is there a way to turn that off? If not, this is a deal breaker for me, I’ll have to stick with the original Smugmug layout.

    1. Hi Mike

      Sorry you don’t like the unlisted text. On your legacy site we show the same information in red text in the breadcrumb. The behaviour is the same with NEW, just subtler as the text should match your background better.

    2. Hey Mike,

      I’m reading in response to Esther, I believe, that Smugmug commented that the ‘Legacy’ site would be disappearing due to its incompatibility with the ‘new’ code base. It was mentioned that we (clients) would have months to play and get the new site just the way we liked it (my words), but that Legacy was going to disappear.

  167. One of the things I loved about SmugMug was the ability for viewers to “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” an image. Is it true that you took this away for all but the commerce plans?

      1. Yes, but can they go back to view which images they “liked”? I couldn’t seem to find where to do that.

    1. Kortney, like legacy SmugMug the “liked” images aren’t tallied anywhere specific, but photos with likes and comments will be included in your most popular photos.

      1. SmugMug, Events are just ‘klunky’ How hard can it be to throw a flag on images which are ‘liked’ with s call tag which generates a simple .csv for download and review? Making an image which is ‘liked’ “just show up in Popular photos” is neither usable data nor qualitative analysis of our offerings. It sure would be nice to be able to know which images are generating the most likes and be able to build our ‘port’ from those ‘popular images from a statistical point of view. According to the reply, an image with 1 ‘like’ carries no less ‘value’ than an image with 100 ‘likes’ It is this type of granularity which will enable your users to use the wealth of data available from simple collection os our paying clients’ responses on/in/around our site which would pay great dividends to your paying clients and enable us to make better sites, which sell more prints and merchandise, and increase SmugMug’s ‘commission’ which increases BOTH our bottom lines.

        How about it?

  168. Steve :
    I’m not confusing anything. I have only been speaking of the Homepage slideshow. This is what users first see, and the first impression is critical for visitors. Once you are in the site, it doesn’t matter as much what the slideshow looks like.
    This was one of the best features of SmugMug compared to other sites. Now it is gone. That and the Ads on the footer are 2 show stoppers for me.

    I’m agreeing with you and saying that it is gone. You were looking at the other users site because they mentioned that they had a full screen slideshow. I was merely stating the fact that some people don’t understand ‘full screen homepage slideshow’. The other person did not know what everyone was talking about when we say ‘full screen slideshow’.

  169. I absolutely HATE it. Looking for another host site. I don’t care how much more it costs. I’m not paying for this… mess.

      1. No, I WANT all galleries unlisted. I don’t want to share my photos (unless I provide a link). I just don’t want the word UNLISTED across every single gallery. Because essentially ALL my galleries are unlisted, I don’t need to be reminded of it with a big unlisted text box. Is there a way I can turn those unlisted text boxes off? That’s my question.

      2. At least it is printed at the bottom of the unlisted gallery and not across it, and I am assuming that the public can not see that (or you, when you are signed out)

        1. On the topic of “unlisted” – there does appear to be a problem with unlisted galleries which needs to be fixed (not saying _you_ need to fix it btw – just using this thread to mention the issue).

          I have a mix of both unlisted and shared folders inside of another folder. Selecting the top layer to display “Galleries” brings in the unlisted folders as well. I fixed that by selecting the individual folders instead. But when creating a link – the unlisted folders are displayed within the link – and I can definitely select those galleries when in Preview. The only way to fix that would be to reorganize the folder hierarchy to keep unlisted folders out of a folder which is used for a link. That’s doable – but a bit messy.

          Another problem, minor but annoying as well – keywords in unlisted folders show up in the search. That also provides a “back door” for viewers to access galleries that are not really intended to be visible. The workaround there was to remove all the keywords. Again, not the best solution.

          Lots of work went into this and I’m impressed overall. It also isn’t surprising to find a couple of problems. Not sure this particular forum is the place to discuss topics like this – but I’m not seeing a better place at the moment.

    1. Mike, you can use a little bit of CSS using the HTML/CSS box on the same page as your galleries to hide that badge. Keep in mind however that when you do this, you won’t know which galleries are unlisted, yourself:

      .sm-badge-text { display: none !important; }

  170. So I made a comment that the new smugmug seems to copy exactly what is doing and they deleted my post? Seriously?

    BTW I am a smugmug user. Why would you delete that? You did pretty much copy exactly the format that photo deck uses. Base templates with container adjustment.

  171. Absolutely amazing!!!! What an incredible improvement!!! Been a PRO for years and I love the new Smugmug!!! Like a kid in a candy store!!! Tons of improvements and my photographs look even better than before because of the beautiful new layouts and yes, LIGHTNING FAST!!!! Thanks Smugmug!!!!!

  172. Okay … I was prepared to LOVE it .. I think I hate it !!! I WANT my slideshow and nav bar on my homepage !!! The new designs have basically nothing but gallery images I think for now i will stick to my OLD page until I look around more and ask several questions !!!

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  174. Jan Kooreman :

    Thanks for your reply. Sorry but this doesn’t work, as soon as I press select all, the settings button is disabled.

    Hi there – yeah, sorry about that. I misspoke. You’ll need to do that within the folder to all galleries. (same as in legacy multiple galleries settings). I do apologize. But do be sure to set the folder settings as well.

    Looks good, but there seems to be some bugs in the slideshow option. First image is in the center of the screen but following images push to the bottom and don’t show the whole image.
    I’d like to have my feature photo on the homepage only, but can’t find a way to do that. It puts it on all the pages, which i don’t want.

    I like everything you’ve done here, but I don’t want top migrate until this is fixed.

  176. all of my sub categories are now gone, when logged in they still work, but when i log out, the links go to my other category rather than the sub categories i created. this happen the day i sent out a link to 60 families telling them where to find their beautiful photos. worst timing ever!!!

  177. Okay NOT to sound stupid here BUT on homepage customization .. under slideshow in the edit column it says drag & drop .. drop WHERE ? it just all highlights in blue

    1. I have been trying and it still all just highlights in blue .. I’m gonna be in the
      sandbox a LOOONNNGG time !!! 😦 I feel like instead of ALL my “stuff” being here, and where it’s supposed to be and “customizing” a new look.. it’s scattered everywhere, some even gone ? and I have to start all over and basically re-design my website from ZERO .. right now , I could NOT tell a client where in the Sam Hill to go to view their gallery to save my life! .. okey – dokey .. gonna be good kitty now and go back to my sandbox!

  178. (1) I cannot figure out how to adjust the placement of the “header” image. I found one I liked, but I could not use the one I originally wanted because I couldn’t figure out how (or if I could) resize or move it in any way. In the video this all looked simple and beautiful, but so far it is not proving to be that easy.

    (2) Also, when my Bio migrated, all the text was there, but no separation of paragraphs. In the edit area, the separations still are there, but not on the page itself. I also can’t figure out how to get past the home page. I don’t see any links to gallery categories.

    (3) I set the photos in my homepage to come all from the same gallery. Now, when I go back to my homepage, I see my most recent uploads, and they are from an UNlisted gallery. How did this happen?

  179. I picked nyx first and didn’t like it so no i customized oslo yet after i preview oslo it’s sending me back to nyx. I would just like to delete nyx template all together but it won’t let me. It insists it’s current. UGHHHH

    1. You’re describing the exact same problem I had when first playing with the new controls yesterday. It’s one aspect of the design that isn’t as intuitive as I’d like. But, once you learn how to do things, I think you’ll be able to move forward.

      The “trick” is to understand that when you’re done customizing a new template and the site asks you if you want to “Publish Later” or “Publish Now” – you want to click the “Publish Now” button to switch things to your new look. This is NOT the same as clicking the “Unveil New SmugMug” button.

      I’m just a regular user – and it took me a bit before I realized that “publish” doesn’t mean “reveal to the public”. IMHO – it would be better if the buttons were labeled “Update Sandbox Now” and “Update Sandbox Later”.

  180. Why are the Heros not able to give straight HONEST answers to two simple questions

    1,. Can I cancel the “Preview” [how] and stay in Legacy as if nothing ever happened today ?

    2./ Will Legacy stop working soon and everyone will forced to use only the new Smugmug ?

    1. Joe, same here. I want things to go back to the way they were before I chose “migrate.” No logical answer from support.

    2. Joe, just got a reply to my request to “cancel preview and stay in legacay as if nothing ever happened today.” Here’s the reply which does NOT answer my very clear question:

      Are you seeing the option at the top that says “view legacy smugmug”? If so, click there and then you can see what your site looks like when it is not in the New SmugMug view.

      Please let us know if we can do anything else to assist you.

      1. Jim, ONLY AFTER you select a theme, I guess their lawyers advised, that they could later rely on that being a voluntary [NOT FORCED] move, unless you select a theme it allows one to do nothing, can’t even log out. After selecting a theme you can log out or click to view legacy, but when you return you have to click view legacy each time, PREVIEW does NOT show all my folders only first 4 etc, what a complete mess.

    3. Hi Everyone, we will eventually be phasing out legacy SmugMug and we know that this isn’t what you want to hear, but our original system is incompatible with the many, many new features that our customers have been asking us for.

      Because we know that this will take time for you to get used to, you have many months to experiment with the new SmugMug in private preview mode, and your visitors won’t know the difference until you permanently unveil your sites.

      Hopefully this answers your questions. We do hope that you get to know some of the amazing core features we’ve added on the new system, like the new 7-layers-deep, drag-and-drop site organizer, because it’s something that we’re pretty sure all of our customers have wished for at least once.

      And there’s lots more to come, too, now that it’ll be easier for us to bring you new tools on the new code base.

      1. Sorry if you have said this but my question is about the organizer. I love you added more layers but I would assume that in order to take advantage of this feature it will in effect be killing links. For instance if I posted a link on a forum. Is my assumption right?

        If I am right then most of these features are great for new users but come with some big negatives if people extensively used the old system. Thanks

      2. As long as you don’t force everyone out of Legacy before you restore the functionality we enjoy now. If you are not going to give us back at least what we had, then all the improvements won’t mean anything. I know this may take months, but it is a deal breaker for me.

      3. So disappointing. I have spent a lot of money setting up my site to reflect my brand. Being unable to transfer this to the New Smugmug means I have just wasted that money. Unfortunately, I will have to look at other options now as I have lost trust in this company.

        Maybe should have considered a separate ‘Smugmug lite’ website that would cater to your clients that wanted a turn key websites as well as keeping the current Smugmug that caters more to clients that want control over their sites look and feel….just my humble opinion.

      4. Finally the truth. No matter what one does, Legacy has a very limited life and will SOON end on the day you guys decide to end it.

        You have completely lost my trust.

        You launched a half baked inferior product disguised as improved and let people move across to it by pretending it was a voluntary option, your lawyers advise you do that so you could claim it was a “voluntary” move.

        You knew people would not be happy with legacy being cancelled so you published misleading information such a 3 levels with legacy sites being one. Did not mention it will soon end altogether,

        You knew this would seriously impact the income of your highest paying customers who you recently jacked up prices by more than 100%, yet you let it go ahead.

        You guys are suicidal or naïve, certainly NOT up front nor HONEST.

  181. I did the preview and DO NOT LIKE IT. Looks too much like Windows 8 (which I didn’t like, like many). I failed to find any themes that to me look any better than what I am already using. New ones are TOO “over the top”. SmugMug better not tell me I cannot keep my old theme, or they may lose me. “If it ain’t broke, why fix it”.

  182. I want to keep my site as it was for the time being until I’m ready to make the switch. I can stand pat, right? If so, why are all of my “Event” sub-categories/galleries hiding from my clients? When I’m logged in I see them but when I’m out of the site and click I get the “No Galleries Found” message. Help!!!

    1. Same with mine – all my subcategories are missing when not logged in. IT seems like the links has changed from “events” to “other” but when you look in other nothing is there.

    2. Same with mine! NO GALLERIES FOUND on my legacy site! Support tells me everything is fine. That’s because they are running my site “logged in.” If they visit the site as a guest they will not be able to get to the photos in my Events subcategories. I’ve sent them a screen shot and an explanation but so far, no answer from them.

  183. Gary Sawicke :
    I did the preview and DO NOT LIKE IT. Looks too much like Windows 8 (which I didn’t like, like many). I failed to find any themes that to me look any better than what I am already using. New ones are TOO “over the top”. SmugMug better not tell me I cannot keep my old theme, or they may lose me. “If it ain’t broke, why fix it”.

  184. Gary S :

    Gary Sawicke :
    I did the preview and DO NOT LIKE IT. Looks too much like Windows 8 (which I didn’t like, like many). I failed to find any themes that to me look any better than what I am already using. New ones are TOO “over the top”. SmugMug better not tell me I cannot keep my old theme, or they may lose me. “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?”.

  185. I can’t get an honest answer out of anyone either! They just dance around with their goofy faces painted on trying to be helpful when all they’re really doing is feeding the mushrooms! What’s really pi$$ing me off, is I am PAYING them to do this to me! This isn’t FaceBook where you take their crap because it’s free!!!

  186. I have tried to contact helpdesk with e-mail. can’t do. screen jumps to “chat” and locks. Also, I sent an e-mail earlier today and no response.

    I can’t see how to edit descriptions.

    I can’t see how to put a new highlight photo in the “gallery/folder” screen… have tried to re-organize, but the photo stays the same, even though I have put another photo in the first slot. Old system changed this photo randomly. is that feature gone?

    site customization allows background changes… it seems like if you want all galleries to be landscape collage, you have to do each one individually.

    tried to edit a title of a gallery and couldn’t find “edit.”

    You don’t want us to use this forum for “helpdesk”, but we are not getting responses from helpdesk or here.

    1. HI Esther. I started playing with the new layouts yesterday and had some of the same questions as you. Even though this isn’t SmugMug’s Help forum – nothing says we can’t help each other out 😉

      When you’re in “New SmugMug Preview” mode (upper left corner in the blue banner) – click into one of your galleries. From there, go to the “Customize” menu and select “Gallery Settings”. You should find most of the items you want to customize within the dialog that opens.

      It does seem like the “randomize” feature is gone. I’m not sure if I’ve just haven’t found it – or if it has been left out on purpose. I can imagine it might be the latter. All those new layouts for “collage” this and that would be constantly changing. Not that that’s a bad thing – but it adds a bit of additional “randomness” that wasn’t present in the old layout.

      Anyone – hope this helps. Just one SmugMugger to another.

    2. Be VERY careful when in the sandbox … I was trying to get things to look the same as in the Legacy, by changing some gallery settings and it totally ruined my Legacy site. Now I am going back into the Legacy side to undo what I did.

  187. Not sure if anyone asked this, but how does the new site layout (especially the deeper folder structure) affect the Smugmug Lightroom Publish Plugin? Will the plugin be updated to accommodate?

    1. Hi Zarli, the Lightroom plugin is compatible and you can download the new version from the LR help page, but we’re currently awaiting a fix for an issue that popped up late yesterday. Stay tuned.

  188. SmugMug :
    Sammy you don’t have to migrate now but we recommend that you do because there is no visual impact to your customers, plus you’d get a chance to use our new site organizer. Since change is big and we know it can take a while for busy folks to get used to things, you should be able to stay in preview mode for many months. But we really do hope that you discover all the ways that the new SmugMug will make keeping your photos organized so much easier, and empower you to create a beautiful site without any assistance.

    I want to know if the old layout will be abandoned eventually. Since it was mentioned that the css customizations won’t carry thru the migrate I see no point to migrate my site.

    1. Actually my sight has been compramised and my name is no longer visable on it. The only name on my “Legacy” site is Smug-Mug.

  189. Wow, now that I’ve looked I can’t believe how little customisation we can actually do.

    The claim that we can create beautiful sites the way we want them – not just rehashing SmugMug’s themes – is a massive cloud of hot air (unless, you want to do all the work yourself in CSS of course…). Simple options like selecting font sizes a colours for individual content blocks aren’t there. Most of the screen is simply not customisable.

    It’s clear that we’ll have to compromise like the “old Smug Mug“ so I don’t know if I can be bothered. It all looks like a lot of work for little benefit.

    1. Shane, you can choose from over 600+ fonts and any color in the spectrum and have it apply to text, headers and virtually anywhere on your site. Some of them inherit the font colors from the Theme (you can change it on the Theme level first), but many of them allow you to select the font type, size and color independently of the Theme, too.

      All the content is now accessible through drag-and-drop boxes, as opposed to having to copy and paste code from our forums into fields scattered across your site. If you want to use HTML or CSS, use an HTML/CSS content box and enter it there. Or click the CSS tab in your Theme.

      Click on the little wrench icon in the top corner of any content box, and you’ll see menus pop up that let you change your settings for that section. Hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for there. In general, when in doubt, look for the wrench icon first.

      1. My complaint was clearly not just about fonts, but since you’ve replied with misleading marketing blurb I might as well bite…

        600+ fonts is NOT impressive. Consider one typeface – say Courier (amazingly not available, like so many other common fonts!) – and allow us to use the common font sizes from 8 to 48. That’s 15 fonts. Let us use bold and that’s 30. Give us italics as well and we’re up to 60 fonts. Then give us the amazing freedom of underlining our text and there would be 120 fonts available.

        If you gave us these basic font options your claim of 600+ fonts would only cover 6 typefaces.

        … but let me guess. You’re assuming your customers are too stupid to know the difference between a font and a typeface? Right?

        Now for all the content blocks that I’ve wanted to customise on different parts of the site, but don’t have fonts independent of the theme:
        Text boxes
        Recent photos
        Search box

        The only one of these I can understand hard-being linked to the theme are titles. The rest should be freely customisable.

        I’m a very light, casual and undemanding user but even I’m miffed at all the things we CAN’T do with the new Smug Mug. I can only be glad I’m not a pro user.

        If only the hype wasn’t so great I’d have just taken the upgrade on the chin. If you’re going to set the expectations high then be prepared to deliver. Don’t patronise your customers with flannel when you can’t be bothered to put in the effort (two years of development and months of testing – nonsense!).

  190. I’m sorry, but I can NOT add a content box .. NOTHING highlighted in green showing me where I can drop it .. I click and drag and it just highlights everything in BLUE

    1. Hi Shelline, if you haven’t gotten this working yet can you possibly take a screen grab and send it to our Support Heroes? We want to get you working ASAP!

  191. If they had migrated my site as it was , with some cosmetic changes , I’d have accepted it. But I’m expected to start from scratch and rebuild my pages. I expect all the wannabe web designers are thrilled with this but for me , Joe Average , it’s too much hassle.

    Fortunately my subscription has only a few weeks to run and I can walk away from all this.

  192. Thanks Richard Vander!!! Great help.

    Best tips:

    If you want to edit the title, description, or change the “highlight photo”, go to “customize”, go to “gallery settings.” Make changes (especially the highlight photo) and say “done.”

    Watch out for:

    If you customize in the preview to a different format, it WILL change you legacy display. If you want your legacy gallery to look the same, use “default.”

  193. Does anyone have experience with uploading to the preview smugmug? I am about ready to go all the way and publish. Since I know that I can’t go back, I am trying to look for “watch out for’s”.

  194. Will uploading be faster than before? That is a major pain in my butt about my old site. Takes over 6 hours to upload 300 photos at 3 MB each.

    1. You sure that’s not due to the bandwidth of your ISP? I have 5mbps up, and 300 pics at that size takes me only about 30 minutes. When I’m at my work–where upstream is 60 up, it takes about 5 minutes.

      HTML5, and AWS (the backend) are fast enough to handle almost anything as fast as you can upload them, in my experience, the bottleneck–as with most things on the web–is usually your internet service provider.

  195. I looked over the article. Very nice to have the new features?

    Are you looking at adding a sign-up option? I have used trials of Pictage and Collages and like the signup options for my weddings. People can immediately get to the galleries (if I create empty ones before hand) and then receive an email link to the galleries once I get the pictures up a few weeks later. This would be a great option too.

    1. Hi Tim and thanks for the feedback. That is a great feature that you’re requesting and I’m sure a lot of pros would love that, too. Right now you can do that by asking your guests to sign up via RSS to the new gallery you created, so that they will be notified about new updates to it. However we understand that isn’t quite the same experience you need, so it’s on our radar. Please feel free to vote for this on our official feedback forum, too!

  196. I looked over the article. Very nice to have the new features?

    Are you looking at adding a sign-up option? I have used trials of Pictage and Collages and like the signup options for my weddings. People can immediately get to the galleries (if I create empty ones before hand) and then receive an email link to the galleries once I get the pictures up a few weeks later. This would be a great option too.

  197. One day later and I’m still very impressed. The organizer is such a huge plus! Sure, there are hiccups and such, but I consider myself an early-adopter, and such is to be expected. The nice thing is that if you don’t want to experience the bugs and hiccups that are being worked out, you don’t have to. It’s like with Windows, you can jump on board once a new Service Pack is released, or OSX 10.X.1 comes out. Sure, even the legacy site is having some issues, but that will settle down.

    I think the thing to understand is that the SmugMug userbase is wide and varied. If SmugMug kept things as they were, the other half that’s currently satisfied would be jumping ship, while everyone who wanted things as they were would be happy. Ultimately, if SmugMug doesn’t change, they die, and then everyone who stuck around would have the same complaints about the platform they would have to migrate to. At least SmugMug gave users the option to migrate slowly.

    Anyway, I personally understand that people are resistant to the changes, I think that’s natural. But I think in the long run everything will be smoothed out and best for all. One line from the blog post that I think it’s important to note is that this redesign will allow for the delivery of new features more rapidly. If you look at the feedback page, slow delivery seemed to be the biggest gripe with SmugMug.

    Just wanted to add my voice on the satisfied side. Having worked in customer service for many years, the reality is that after a lot of work, you don’t typically hear from those who are satisfied with the changes.

    1. Actually I am very excited and looking forward to this format. Change is good. Especially for the better. I am just not prepared to give up the best parts of the site, that are no longer available. I am told they are working on them so I will wait patiently.

    2. Thanks for coming back and following up with us here, Brandon. Our Support Heroes have been working nonstop through the night to address all the questions that have been coming in to our help desk. We are still running a bit behind but it’s all hands on deck. We’re doing the best we can, and it’s good to know that things are working out for you!

    1. Matt, I’ve already asked that of support but they do not answer my question. See above (search for Jim)

      1. Matt :
        How do I UN migrate????

        Unfortunately I don’t think UN migrating is an option! If I could find a way I would surely do so! I wish they’d had a big, red pop up banner across the screen that said “Are you SURE you want to do this??? You’re going to be crying and pulling your hair out if you do it!!!” I’d have run fast from that one for sure! I hate this new format!!

    2. Guys, not to be argumentative, or confrontational, but I just saw the SM announcement a few minutes ago, and have already read like 5 times that if I hit the UNVEIL button, it’s irreversible.
      Not sure how you missed that, and I won’t speak for SM, but they’ve made it pretty clear that once you’ve left PREVIEW mode, you’re in the deep water. They’re here to help, but you’re in.
      I feel for you, as I have been there, metaphorically speaking, in the past. Sorry.

      1. Peter, the request is to un-MIGRATE, not un-UNVEIL. Yes, it’s clear that if you unveil, that’s it. However, MIGRATION puts one in PREVIEW mode. We want to UN-MIGRATE and go back to the way it was before we clicked MIGRATE.

    3. Listening is not something they do well. In fact, when they do listen they don’t even care. This will likely be their undoing … because nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

      They have demonstrated that although they claim to care … they don’t live it. They don’t walk their talk. Which is too bad. I have been a huge SmugMug fan and supporter for many years, and have been promoting them wherever I can . But respect is a two way street and they are too arrogant to respect other people.

      The reason that experienced people are in leadership positions is that they have wisdom beyond just one field. They have experience in many areas of life and are open to learning and respecting other people, and other cultures. They model respect and tolerance, not arrogance and apathy. They have outgrown the childish blinders that keep people in a state of tunnel vision.

      The legacy product is excellent … but many of the people need to learn more about life and respect for others. The steamroller approach to customer service only leaves people feeling flat. Your actions speak louder than your words, and when they don’t match your actions always win.

  198. 3 little annoying things that still keeps me from move all my pictures back to SmugMug from Phanfare. I had hopes at “The Biggest Launch Since 2002”, but they are still not implemented.. inspite that they have been requested for many years.

    – I want a Official supported iPhoto export plugin, that Caption images using iPhoto´s Title (Date)
    – I want Date taken as my caption below the picture
    – I want a working Map! On each picture in Phanfare I can just click Map and a nice Google map pops up where the picture was taken (even with a password protected album)

    Then you will have me back again! 😉

  199. Thanks for this update! I’ve been messing with the new site since yesterday morning, and I love it. It took me several weeks to figure out the code for my old layout, and though it looked pretty good, it wasn’t perfect. Your new layouts are so much better! I love how easy customization is now.

    One minor complaint: I do wish there was a way to turn off comments everywhere with one button rather than go through gallery by gallery.

    All in all, massive improvement. I am a happy customer!

    1. Hi Tanya and thanks for the feedback! You are correct in that the social options aren’t available at the top level right now, but we, as always, are open to ideas.

  200. New Lightroom plugin worked (with some bugs) yesterday, but now, can no longer publish (or republish) galleries! I get an error message every time. I wrote to the help desk and hope this is a temporary thing (no reply yet). With no solid support of the Light Room plugin, it’s utterly useless to me (and probably many others). Again, customers are now testers (not cool).

    1. I manage 95% of my SM site from LR5 now. If that is not good to go, It’s a non-starter for me at the moment.

      Another question for the fantastic SM team: If I go to preview mode, and then add/change delete photos/metadata or galleries in my legacy site (over a period of days, via LR5, as usual), will those changes also be mirrored in the preview site, or is the preview site a static picture (no pun intended) of the legacy site at the moment I hit the preview button?

      Thanks for all your hard work; I’m confident I’ll have a better photo site for my customers and family/friends very soon!

      1. Peter and DJT, we apologize about the issue that we’re currently having with the Publish tool. Our engineers are aware and are working to get it fixed ASAP.

  201. Richard Vanderlippe :

    On the topic of “unlisted” – there does appear to be a problem with unlisted galleries which needs to be fixed (not saying _you_ need to fix it btw – just using this thread to mention the issue).

    I have a mix of both unlisted and shared folders inside of another folder. Selecting the top layer to display “Galleries” brings in the unlisted folders as well. I fixed that by selecting the individual folders instead. But when creating a link – the unlisted folders are displayed within the link – and I can definitely select those galleries when in Preview. The only way to fix that would be to reorganize the folder hierarchy to keep unlisted folders out of a folder which is used for a link. That’s doable – but a bit messy.

    Another problem, minor but annoying as well – keywords in unlisted folders show up in the search. That also provides a “back door” for viewers to access galleries that are not really intended to be visible. The workaround there was to remove all the keywords. Again, not the best solution.

    Lots of work went into this and I’m impressed overall. It also isn’t surprising to find a couple of problems. Not sure this particular forum is the place to discuss topics like this – but I’m not seeing a better place at the moment.

    Richard, just for the record: Unlisted galleries can’t be seen by visitors so they won’t see those galleries in your list. They’ll see the next few public galleries, instead. We do understand that it may get annoying for you so there is CSS that you can implement to get rid of the “Unlisted” badge, but keep in mind that it’ll be harder for you to know which galleries are visible to you and which ones are visible to visitors. And it won’t necessarily fix your problem of wanting the unlisted galleries to be at the bottom.

    As for keywords, have you tried searching for unlisted galleries while logged out of your account? Keywords from unlisted or private galleries shouldn’t be found by guests, so definitely write to us with your details if this is something that you’re seeing.

    1. Thank you for the detailed response. There could be some confusion on my part as far as what “Preview” in sandbox mode is showing.

      To be clear, I have not yet committed the changes I’m making and used the “Unveil” button. So it won’t be possible to log out and confirm what visitors will see (they still see my legacy site).

      I had assumed that “Preview” in sandbox mode would only show me what my site would look like for visitors. Is that not the case?

      I thought the intent of clicking the “Preview” button after configuring things would be to display layout and content exactly as my visitors would see things. If I can see unlisted galleries in Preview – it’s a little disconcerting to say the least. I want to test navigation and confirm what visitors will be able to see, select and view. If unlisted galleries are included during that process, I’m not really seeing a “preview” of what my visitors will see.

      Please let me know if I should provide additional details elsewhere (since this isn’t a support forum). But, to reiterate, one place you can see such listings is if you add a navigation tool, add a link for a top level folder with a combination of listed and unlisted galleries inside. If I set the option for “Include Folder Contents” – the menu displays the unlisted galleries. And, that allows me to access those galleries while in Preview as well.

      1. Don’t Unveil. I saw a button under my images that has an arrow. That’s a download image button. I went to someone else’s site who apparently already unveiled, and Sure enough I could download an image for free! I didn’t actually click save but the fact that someone can just do that without actually “adding to cart” is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

  202. How will the new web site integrate with Lightroom? I have always uploaded, organized and reorganized from Lightroom. That way the folders I see in LR mirror the structure in SM. I cannot find any mention of LR and the new SM. Do I need a new plugin? If I make changes directly on SM will LR know where my photos are?

  203. Looks like it will be AWESOME for first time customers who want to build a website from scratch .. BUT for those of us who have been customers for years .. I was under the impression that my current site would still be “AS IS” and I would just have new AWESOME customization options.. seems that is not the case, I have No homepage slideshow, NO galleries, NO personalized header, NO nav bar and NO pages… nothing seems to be there except a few scattered bits and pieces.. Jury is still out .. but doesn’t look promising for me as an exisiting customer with a pre-existing website that was perfectionally functional

    1. Exactly!! For someone just starting out it probably looks amazing to them! But I was and always will be happier with what I had built myself. This is NOT what I am paying for. I want the option to keep my site the way it is (‘legacy’) and if they can’t or won’t accommodate that, they’ll be seeing my face as it leaves for good! I’ve already looked into several other sites to move to. This new ‘masterpiece’ of theirs SUCKS!

    2. Shelline, we were extremely concerned about what our existing customers would think with our announcement, since it’s our customers who helped guide us every single day for the last 11 years. This is why you have many, many months to try the new SmugMug in private preview without it affecting your customers or your sales.

      We are still listening to feedback and there will be plenty of improvements and new features that we’ll add based on this. Please just give us some time!

      As for the things that you’re asking for, you can do all of that in the new SmugMug and it looks like you may have already added them to your new site. You can add a logo graphic to the header if you don’t want text, add a block of galleries to your homepage, and you can add as many links as you want to your navigation bar (we just call it a “menu” now). Just click on the wrench icon that appears on the corner of each content block to edit and make it yours.

      We will also be adding new video tutorials to our YouTube channel soon, but our whole team has been pitching in to answer questions like this one. Thanks for your patience!

      1. Well – I just received a VERY angry email from a client that the link they had to view their photos doesn’t take them to their photos, they can’t find their photos, and that I should consider making it easier for my customers to view their pics, good luck with my business!!!!!

        So, – problem #1 – I clicked the link myself and it took me to my home page instead of to the event page it was supposed to. – so you cannot say that links are preserved when they aren’t even working right with the old legacy site. This was a link sent directly from the event participant listing, generated by the website itself…a couple months ago. No other participants had any issues with the link.

        I was able to navigate to the Event subcategory and for me, when I’m logged in, all my galleries and pics are there.

        Problem #2 is that, when I log out and view what my customer sees, My categories are there; my subcategories are there; but there are NO GALLERIES OR ACTUAL IMAGES!!!!

        1. Upon some further investigation, it seems to only have affected my EVENT galleries. Clicking on any of my Event sub-categories comes up with no galleries found when I’m NOT logged in to SmugMug. Again, since I primarily use events for a lot of stuff, this is a real problem.

          1. Jo, I’ve experienced the same thing, sent four emails and keep getting the response that everything is fine. I’ve even sent screen shots showing that it is NOT FINE and I get back an email as if my email had never been read in the first place.

            SmugMug just needs to cancel this whole thing and do a major rethink.

          2. Yeah. I’m going to have to waste a bunch of time now re-uploading at least the most recent missing galleries in to some other category just so they are SOMEWHERE for my clients to see!

            I totally expected issues with the new site design, etc. But I didn’t expect them to completely drop the ball when it comes to existing business and commerce! Not hearing back from them at all is very troubling. Glad you at least got a response but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve blown a gasket when trying to get help (not necessarily from SM) and the initial email I get is a form letter that asks questions I answered in my initial submission or tells me to do something I told them in my initial submission I’d already done and it didn’t work…(how’s that for a run-on sentence! – maybe some kind of record 😉

            Anyway…I’m trying to keep a sense of humor about all this but it’s not easy when it’s directly affecting my customers.

      2. SM- While many, many months, to try the new SmugMug in private may sound like a great idea to the SM engineers and coders, it requires many many months of additional work from your clients, and while most pros get to spend only 10-12% of their day behind a camera, with marketing, networking, editing, selling, and many other things we do on a normal day, the value of new SmugMug is really nil, as we are told we can no longer have what we may have ‘perfected’ in our minds and eye, but have to find a new ‘perfect’ within a new code set which is by all accounts incompatible with the old set.

        Imagine for a second you woke up tomorrow and your gas pedal was on the left and brake on the right. THAT is where your clients are right now. Bewildered, upset, unsure, and exasperated at the mountain of work staring us in the face.

        It may help if some concrete dates were put forth from the Engineering staff at SmugMug and rather than that antiquated ‘vote for your favorite new feature’ fiasco, how about begin by giving us everything we HAD within the new system. Events, pricing not tired solely to margin field, and the smattering of items you have been asked for so far.

        Even with a new code set, there is NOTHING which cannot be programmed. It may not be cheap or easy, but is can be done. Impress your clients with two things: The new look with all the functions/capability of the old SmugMug. A myopic view is not the one to have today. While it looks all pretty and flowy and gorgeous, if we photogs cannot get PAID using your site w/a minimum of additional work to make the system easy for our customers to use and PAY us, we will go elsewhere. It is not a threat, just a plain fact.

        Just imagine Bill Gates in a SmugMug hat, when he announced Windows Me…there are recordings of his tech staff saying things like, hell, it’s much prettier than 95, and the bugs, we will fix the ones we want to when they become an issue large enough to warrant attention…to this day Microsoft is issuing security patches based on that non-affected outlook.

        Please do not let SmugMug turn into that kind of ‘find the bug, submit it, and hope one day for a fix’


  204. Things that smugmug can do better:

    Make it possible for people to go all the way back to legacy… not just in sandbox and legacy.
    Create short tutoring videos on the subjects that are getting a lot of questions.
    Add chat room to help desk, so that people can interact.
    Set up community blogs for people to help each other, instead of a place like this.
    Change screen that says “getting your stuff” to “this will take awhile, it is OK to turn off your machine or close down smugmug.” Some people watched the bar going back and forth for 5 hours!
    Hold back celebrating until you have more happy customers.
    For the serious business owners, try very hard to address their needs. If they invested in a custom site that doesn’t work anymore, spend time with them and help them get back in business.
    Suggest to people to get to the new system using the default screens and try to get there with minimum change. then consider reorg, customization, etc… some people are really messed up now.

    1. HI Esther,

      We love how thoughtful your feedback is – thank you!

      –We have video tutorials in the works and even some webinars coming up so that we can give you hands on help. In the meantime, feel free to check out the help articles we’ve created:

      –We try respond to messages as fast as possible and will turn our chat back on once we’ve made sure we’ve given our customer emails the attention they deserve.

      –We’ve got our full support team on hand, helping customers explore the new system and figure out when and how to incorporate it into their workflow.

      –We have a community forum called and encourage anyone to find and share help there.