A New and Improved Way to Add Prints to Your Cart

Over the years we’ve gotten so much great feedback from you, our customers, about buying and what your fans have reported back about the buying experience. So today is big news for you: we’ve remodeled the Add to Cart step to make it cleaner, simpler, and smoother for all!

To check it out, navigate to any photo you have for sale on your site and click Buy Photos > This Photo.

Instead of this:

Shopping on Old SmugMug, AKA: “Where are my glasses?”

You’ll see this:

SmugMug’s new Add to Cart layout. Ah, much better!

What Changed?

We’ve completely revamped the first half of the shopping process, when you’re adding photos into your cart. Here’s what’s new:

  • You’ll see a larger, prettier preview of your photo on the left. You’ll know for sure which pic you’re viewing.
  • There’s now an easier-to-follow item selection pane on the right. All the same products and options are there, and it’s much easier to drill down to what you want.
  • You’ll now adjust cropping in that same window as soon as you choose your print size. With borders and boundaries bigger and easier to see, there’s less chance something vital will get cropped out in your print.
  • All of this automagically scales to fit smaller screen sizes, making shopping on-the-go as easy as just a few taps.
Crop and adjust without changing screens.

How Do I Get It?

You’ve already got it! The updated design is already sparkling up all accounts on New SmugMug. So add a photo to your cart to see it in action.

Tip: Be sure to try it on an updated browser. If you have Internet Explorer 9 or below, you’ll still see the old design.

Click through to choose your print. You can step back at any time.
Speedy shopper? Look below to add a previous print size, lickity-split.

Shoppers on Old SmugMug sites will also see the old shopping design, so Preview your site in New SmugMug to check it out and use it yourself. However, you’ll need to Publish your New SmugMug site to let your fans and customers use it, too.

More Help & Info

The checkout part hasn’t changed with this release, but we knew you’d ask. 🙂 It’s in the works, and of course we’ll share as soon as we’ve got something ready to show you.

For more info about what’s changed and how the new process works, check out our updated help pages. And if you have any additional questions, reach out to our fabulous 24/7 Support Heroes. We always love to hear from you.

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95 thoughts on “A New and Improved Way to Add Prints to Your Cart”

    1. Hi Bob,

      We’re really sorry to hear that you’ve been bothered. It sounds like you’ve subscribed to get email announcements to this blog, so all you have to do is look at the bottom of the email and click the “Unsubscribe” link. Even if you’re not with us anymore, our Support Heroes are always happy to help if you have trouble with that:


  1. Hi.

    Looks like a good improvement and I welcome the simpler interface.

    Two questions:

    1. How do customers see what they’re buying? I know what a bevel edge print and an alumini are, but how do my customers? I need to be able to show off the products.

    2. Under the old cart, when logged in, if I added a product to the cart I could see my price and along side it the price I charge my customers. I can now only see my price under the new cart? Has this feature been deprecated or can I turn it on? This was very useful because I could see the price I’m charging right from the gallery, rather than going through the manage pricelist menu option.


    1. Hey John, thanks for writing us! Right now we recommend that you use a second browser to check on your pro pricing and compare what you see when logged in to what your client sees, logged out. For showing your products to your clients, we highly recommend ordering samples if you can, and showing them off to your clients in-person. Of course, not everyone can do this but you can always show them photos from our catalog, here:


      Plus, we’ll be adding newer product photos in the Add to Cart window, too.

      Let us know if you still have any questions, or if you need some tips on wowing clients in your workflow. Cheers!

    2. HI John,

      I’m one of the guys who’s helping get product shots for the new add to cart flow, and I agree with you 100% about how important it is. I’ve seen mockups with product shots included, and in my opinion, it is transformed.


      1. Chris this is really good news as most of my clients are a long way away from my office hence thats why they use the cart system, it would really add to the sales if we can have mockups of the product when they click on them even as a thumbnail, I am in the UK so hopefully you can do the same with Loxleys products.

        1. Hi Motrpdas,

          Definitely Loxley! We really love those guys because the craftsmanship of their products is so amazing. I just hope we can do them justice with photos. For example, with their wrapped canvas, they put a groove in the back corners to accommodate the fold in the canvas. Sometimes I order Loxley products to hang here in the U.S. because I love them so much.

          All the best,

      2. Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time to reply, and good to hear you’re all over this already. Lots of my selling is done at a distance to customers I’ve never met, so the cart is the best place for them to see whats on offer and get an understanding of why they should choose that product.

  2. This is so over due!!!! Thank goodness you guys finally did something about the cart process. People that have gone to my site generally either do it wrong or just email or call me about prints because the process was so cumbersome.

  3. The interface when you are looking at the photo you want to buy is pretty good. However, if you just say if you hit the “I want to buy photos in This Gallery” it may show sizes that are “not available”. This needs to tell the customer it is not available at that size. If you pick one that is not available it puts kind back in old days where the customer is trying to figure out what size goes with the photo. Most customers do not want to crop a photo and many have no clue how is best to do that. Just some first impressions.

    1. Hi Bill, thanks for replying and we hope that your fans love it! Hope this cuts down on the number of emails you have to reply to, too.

      For the scenario where you’re buying multiple photos, there isn’t really a way to get around that unless you do the following: Upload (or collect) photos of all the same shape and aspect ratio into a gallery, then create a Pricelist for that gallery offering only print sizes that don’t require cropping. This way there won’t be any cropping required.

      However, did you notice that the new Add to Cart design includes a much larger and easier-to-use crop feature? This should also help cut down on the number of surprises your clients might have when they receive the final print.

      Shoot us an email if you ever want to talk with our Support Heroes and share more thoughts and feedback! http://help.smugmug.com/customer/portal/emails/new

      1. That is exactly what I have started doing. I only include photos of the same aspect ration and generate a price list for just that aspect ration. However if some galleries have photos with different aspect ratios I have made multiple price lists (based on aspect ratios) and individually apply the price list to photo having a different aspect ratio. I now have price lists for each aspect ratio I have shot over the years.

        It looks like there should be an easier way but I have not found one.

        Thanks for the reply.

  4. It would be great if you could bring back the “hide prints that require cropping” option. For paper prints you have standard, other, panoramic, and square sizes categories.
    It would be useful if the first category was just “prints that don’t need cropping” – or something like that.

    1. Hey Jordan, thanks for the suggestion! I’ll be sure our Product team sees this, but see the above reply for creating curated galleries and matching Pricelists that minimize the need for cropping.

      That said, cropping is now much, much easier and way more obvious when you’re choosing print sizes, so your customers shouldn’t be afraid to drag those bars around.

      Let our Support Heroes know if you have any other suggestions!


      1. Thanks for the reply. Yes, cropping is much easier now.
        But lets say you just want to find a print with no crop. It doesn’t make sense that you need to hunt in and out through all the different sections to find the right size.

    1. Hi Ed, each of the four print labs you can use at SmugMug offer slightly different sets of products, but we do have regular 20″x30″ prints available. You can open up your Pricelists to see the full product list for the lab you’ve chosen, or create a new Pricelist to see what other labs offer.

      Our Support Heroes are happy to help walk you through it if you need a hand. Right here: http://help.smugmug.com/customer/portal/emails/new

      1. Hi SmugMu.
        If they can find the buy button (and figure out what to do with it) I am pretty certain they will… 😉
        The two comments I have had from the old version were “I did not know what to choose” (should be easier now) and “do you sell photos too?” For the question I just have extended my FAQ-page – in long term I guess I would have to split that one in some sub-pages and explain different things as for example “what is a canvas?” and well explain the purchase process a little further. – Wait you have great explanations for that … so I’ll link to them instead 😀

        For clients… well they have to find me first and word does not have spread very widely yet. But it will happen …

  5. The changes look great. I would still like to see some kind of wording when buying paper prints that lets the buyer know that they have framing/display options in the checkout. The way it is now you have no idea mounting and finish options are available until you actually add a print to the cart and checkout. If a buyer wants a framed print, and it appears there is no framing option, they may not even make it to the checkout screen. And then when you do make it to the checkout screen, it’s terribly confusing for folks unfamiliar with these options. I just had to answer three separate emails from a potential buyer (who never ended up ordering, and granted was a bit clueless) about whether he could hang gatorfoam or styrene on the wall, did he have to choose a texture, what would it look like without the texture, and the difference between protective coating and satin laminate.

    1. Hey Whit, thanks so much for taking the time to type all that out in detail. This kind of real-life feedback is really great for our Product team to get an idea of what customers are getting out of the experience. We’ll soon be improving the images in the new Add to Cart window, so we’ll be sure to keep this kind of feedback in mind, too.

      For the photo extras, we’ve got a little bit of info (with photos) here: http://www.smugmug.com/prints/photo-extras

      OT: I checked out your site and loved all your crazy adventurous photos from your travels. Especially digging the creative in-camera composite you captured. Really nice body of work!

  6. I like the new features, much cleaner and easier to use! It’s only a small thing, but is it possible to change the order of the product categories? Most of my customers purchase prints and downloads, so my preferred order would be Prints/Downloads/Wall Art/Keepsakes.

    1. Hey Nigel, at this time there isn’t a way to change the order of those categories, but that’s an intriguing request. If you want to remind customers about the Downloads, you can always drop some instructions and a welcome message into your Gallery Description so that fans see it every time they see your photos, and also include instructions on purchasing downloads in your email communications with them.

      Just a couple of general marketing ideas to consider that have worked well for our in-house pros. 🙂

  7. Where is our pricing? You used to be able to see our pricing along with the customers and now it’s gone. That was my favorite feature and use it all the time. So disappointed it’s now gone. 😦

    1. Hey Rick, the old Add to Cart window was super cluttered with info and that’s a big part of why we removed the double pricing from the new design. You’ll see a message at the top of the window indicating if you’re looking at the owner-only full catalog or not, but we recommend using a second browser window where you’re logged out if you want to see what your customers see. This is something we’ve always recommended you do periodically anyway, just as a general practice.

      1. So you are saying when I’m logged in I see my pricing and when I’m logged out I see customer? I knew that, but what ever happened to the feather where I could just click a button to see what my customer was seeing? You keep taking features away.

        1. Hi Rick, the “Visitor View” button is a feature that was available on old SmugMug, but was never a part of the New SmugMug that we launched in July of 2013. But if you’re referring to something else that changed with this release, please let our Support Heroes know so we can get a better idea of what’s up and how we can help iron out your workflow and make things easier:


    1. Hi Peter, thanks for your feedback and we’ve been hearing from a few pros who really want this. Since you’ve been with us for several years you’ve probably already done this, but just to be sure: please vote for it on our feedback forum! This way our Product Team can tally up the demand. It’s here: http://feedback.smugmug.com/

      Cropping can be troublesome for some, but that’s why we made the cropping tool so much better in the Add to Cart design. It’s bigger, easier to read, and much harder to overlook when you go to checkout.

      Plus, we have to remind everyone about Proof Delay, the most valuable tool for pros (in our opinion.) More than just for checking crops, it gives you one last chance to be sure the color, brightness, and everything else is perfect before it goes to print.

      Thanks for weighing in, and for being with us for so long!

  8. Love the new look…I have to agree w/ the “let me see my price next to my customers price”!!!! Looking at the current design and space, there appears to be PLENTY of room to add a second column, when logged in, that shows “owner price”. Also, for the love of all things, please add the option to “not show purchasing options that require cropping” to specific galleries!!!!! If I have a fine art gallery full of photos of varying crop factors, i do not not want to have to worry about a customer purchasing something that crops the image and basically destroys it. IMO, proof delay is just a band-aid for this type of scenario.

    all that said, please keep the improvements coming….looks great!

    1. Hi Isaac, thanks so much for voicing your thoughts on this! The “no crop” option is pretty popular tonight, that’s for sure. Our Product team is definitely watching this, but in the meantime we’re glad to hear you like the new look and hope your clients find it easier, too.

      Have a great evening!

  9. Cropping is so much easier! WHO CARES. Let us turn cropping off and only offer standard sizes. I do not want buyers cropping my carefully composed work. This might be prettier but it’s worse in function. At least we could advise folks to use the button for no cropping sizes.

  10. The new check out is an improvement but it needs a note when it gets to the cropping. Customers get freaked out when the photo size they have picked doesn’t fit the photo they are buying, typically its a 8×10 that may look like a issue but in reality because I have the original on my computer that in many cases will work fine. Id like to see a note telling customers that they should contact the pro if it appears that the print will not fit. Thanks

    1. Thanks for the feedback! We are always looking for improvements. I’ll pass this along.

  11. Agree with Mike C, but on the whole my customers are really digging the new interface. Might’ve been rolled out to my site early, and I’ve received good feedback. Last night’s orders included a thin wrap and a giclée 11×14, and my unsophisticated customer found it easy to choose.

    1. I turn the cart off because you don’t have an Australian lab… and last time I checked the currency wasn’t available in $Au. Has that changed? I like the new smugmug, but the cart looks like it is not Australian friendly.

  12. When it comes to cropping prints it is certainly far more simplier, good change (Y)

    I am sure customers are going to get confused when/if they are purchasing a canvas. As it is the crop template just fits over the images leaving the impression a large chunk of the image will be cut out?? I just see confusion and emails a head

    But overall like the change, kudous to the team

    1. Hi Alan
      Wrapped canvas use up some of the image to wrap around the stretcher boards. This is true of all wrapped products (and always has been). The blue area depicted in the add to cart when choosing a canvas indicates the part of the image that will be wrapped around the stretchers. I need to update a few screenshots here, but this article speaks to that: http://school.smugmug.com/Photography-Tips/Beyond-Paper-Prints
      Go ahead and share that with your customers, if you wish.

  13. how can I choose the printlabs, please ? it seems only one is available for me… EZPrints… and what about one European lab, and European measurements…. could be VERY unsefull for European photographers…. 🙂 thanks

    1. Hi there – Choosing print labs is done at your price lists. The default price list for your account will be set to EZPrints, but you can create a new price list and select a different lab for it. You’ll then be able to make that list the default list. We do have a great lab in the UK: Loxley Color. Hope that helps.

  14. Great news guys, glad to see improved functionality. Now, how are you getting on with reinstating the communities into ‘ new’ smugmug for all of the international market, as promised earlier this year?

    1. Hi Jeremy and thanks for checking in with us. We don’t typically talk about upcoming features but it sounds like you’re referencing a specific comment or conversation, maybe on our forums, or on an older post here? Could you clarify where that was so we can shed some light on this topic for you? Thanks!

      (And if you prefer, our Support Heroes are always open to you, which may be easier to discuss in format than blog comments: http://help.smugmug.com/customer/portal/emails/new)

  15. Happy Holidays! Please provide me with the steps to order prints, plus crop in Thumbnail style. I was thrilled to read that SM had finally changed the order process, since thumbnails (easiest viewing style for ordering) was always pain in the past. I know if I cannot figure it out, then my customers will not be able to figure it out. I have had to call them in the past and walk them though the ordering steps. Looks like the new steps for Thumbnails are:1. Click Buy2. Photos in this gallery3. Gallery defaults to 4×6 Lustre.4. Click on ”Change Product” to get new size or product. ( It would be easier to understand if it said ”Choose other print sizes or products”) 5. This is where I get confused, after reading the new improved way> “You’ll now adjust cropping in that same window as soon as you choose your print size. With borders and boundaries bigger and easier to see, there’s less chance something vital will get cropped out in your print.”It is showing bigger/easier to see size, but no matter what size I choose in Thumbnail style, it is not showing any automatic cropping. For me there is usually cropping if I choose 8×10 and other sizes. I have provided a Screen Shot of what I see for Thumbnail style 8×10..no cropping showing up.I also included a screen shot of a Journal Style 8×10. It shows cropping BUT it is a small version, not the bigger/easier to see size, that I see in Thumbnail style. If I click on the small cropped sample for Journal Style, it reverts back to the Journal Style main page. With both, Thumbnail style and Journal Style, I have to go to Cart before being able to do sample cropping.Is there a glitch or is this the new and improved way?In case you need the gallery- http://www.johnhillphotography.com/PerdidoKeyFamilyBeachPortraits/Opel-Senior-Portrait/45015467_dFn9x8#!i=3724728590&k=TW89QkS

    Thanks, John

    1. Hi John
      Thanks for getting in touch. I see that you have not yet tried out New SmugMug. The new Add to Cart, and crop tool, is only available on New SmugMug. I really do recommend that you give it a try. If you have any questions about how to get started, or need a hand with anything please contact our heroes: help@smugmug.com
      Whenever someone is browsing a multiple image gallery style such as thumbnail or journal, they’ll see ‘buy photos from this gallery’, but once they open an individual image onto the lightbox (by clicking that image) they then have the choice to ‘buy this image’. You may find giving customers that bit of advice helpful.

  16. what is really needed is that you can buy fotos in uk/europe in print, this is stil not there and sounds super basic to me, just grab a printing company and give them business…it starts to ennoy me

      1. Hi Filip and Wiebke – we do have a great UK lab, Loxley Color. They’re in Scotland and available to our Portfolio and Business accounts at this time. Hope that helps, Filip.

  17. I tried to offer my customers the online print service but it doesn’t work well for customers in the Netherlands. First Europeans don’t use inches they use centimetres, I would like the ability to change the settings to metric, rather than imperial. The second reason why customers don’t buy prints is the shipping costs from England, and they have to pay british taxes. Surely you can find a good supplier in the Netherlands?

    1. Hi Andy,

      Thanks for letting us know about this. This is probably me just being mistaken, but I wasn’t aware that for packages sent outside the U.K. we had to charge taxes. I will check into this on Monday to see what we’re doing and why.

      All the best,

    2. Hi Andy,

      I researched this and in the new Add to Cart we display both inches and cm if you pick Loxley Colour, and the reason we do is Loxley uses inches for Europeans in the UK. But we display both so we can cover all of Europe.

      If you are registered for VAT, you can enter that into your account and we won’t collect VAT on your orders. But our understanding from speaking to our European accounting consultancy is that VAT has to be collected for customers in the EU regardless of country. Do we have that wrong?

      I hope this helps.


  18. The new changes look great.

    1)I would still like to see a simulator, where the image is overlaid on the product they are ordering. This way they can see exactly what they are getting. Fine art America / Pixels.com does this and my local labs use the Roes Ordering System that shows a simulator. I am sure you all can figure out a way.

    2) The crop tool does not work so well when ordering from a mobile device like a cell phone or tablet

    3) organization – was a little confused to find Stickers and Post Cards under Keepsakes/Household. I would have thought that to appear under paper prints or a separate category.

    3) did we lose greeting cards?

    1. Hi Scott

      Thanks for the feedback. Your first idea sounds like a great suggestion to add to user voice. I’ll pass your feedback about the mobile crop tool and stickers to our product folks.

      The ability to create cards is still there – you or your customers (if you’ve got cards priced) access it from the Buy menu -> Create a Card. The first step is to use the image to create a card, and once that is done the card can be added to the cart.

      Hope that helps.

        1. Hi Scott

          When you click the buy button in a gallery you’ll see a drop down menu. One of the choices in that menu is ‘Create a Card’. I just checked one of your portraiture galleries (graduation) and I see the create a card button there. If you continue having this problem please contact our heroes. They’ll get you all sorted out. help@smugmug.com

          1. Hi Ann,
            I found the problem and communicated to Josh, one of your support heroes. The problem is on mobile devices. On my computer, I get the drop down menu. On my phone, It goes strait to the product catalog, I asked if we can add the “Create a Card” to the product catalog as well. All the other categories show up there. My yonder clients are mostly using phones and tables these days, I also submitted to the user voice, the suggestion for the simulator. That is something I have been asking for about a year now.

  19. Bring back, Bring back, OH Bring Back “my Exclude Cropping” to me, to me !!!
    OK. So it is now confirmed that the option to exclude image sizes that require cropping, in the New Cart, are not included….Even though it was in the Old Cart!!! ( and at, Portfolio Level, at that).
    Hmmm.. That does seem like a backward step to me, granted the cropping feature in the New Cart is an improvement but then why drop a feature that even further simplifies and enhances a buyers experience ?
    I really do not want my images cropped nor do i want the buyer to be be burdened with any cropping procedures, I just want to have image sizes listed that don’t require cropping , without the customer having to make any additional decisions and keep the whole buying proceedure as simple as humanly possible.
    This option needs to be brought back .
    Because it’s confusing to many buyers and they often don’t understand completly how to digest the need and methodology of cropping We need to have the option to isolate and protect Customers from the choice to crop if we so wish !!!
    MAYBE THIS COULD BE BEST ACHIEVED IN THE PRICE SET UP OPTIONS so as not to add further clutter to the Shopping Cart.
    As doubling my $ cost by going up to “Business Class” is not an option I guess i will have to wait and hope that member pressure convinces SmugMug to reinstate this feature at Portfolio level in the New Cart

    1. Hi Geoff,

      Thanks for taking the time to write about this. I think I can understand why you want this because I do too for my own photography. I end up shooting with more negative space than I want to, to accommodate various crops.

      On Monday I’ll talk to the product team about this and respond back, but if I recall correctly, there were several user experience issues to solve with this too. Users were confused that some sizes were available for certain photos and not others, and were sometimes frustrated that they were only available in a size they didn’t want.

      A couple weeks ago I was supporting a couple print buyers for one of our pros who wanted team photos that were only available in 2:3 crops. But they really wanted 8x10s and I wasn’t able to console them.

      I’ll post more tomorrow once I’ve talked to the product team.


    2. HI Geoff,

      We talked about this a lot today and are prepared to build it into price lists, but we have some consternation about it. The thing is we see a lot of orders with 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10 prints in them and just checking the box is going to make some of them unavailable.

      Is that still okay with everyone?


      1. If i may…why not apply this option at the gallery setting level? A check box that says “only show options that do not require cropping to users not logged in.” Then, if some of the images in that gallery do not meet any of the aspect ratios of the products applied to that gallery, by way of price list, show (for example) a little yellow exclamation next to the image in the organizer view. This would allow finer control w/out having to come up more price list variations. 🙂 Or….did i just over think this!? 😀 Either way….glad you are a looking into this…

        1. One other thought…I just re-read the “user experience” issue. I do a little UI/UX development work and I generally go w/ the mindset of “don’t show the user something they can’t interact with..” like disabled buttons, for example. But maybe, in this case, it makes sense to. That way, say the user wanted to purchase an 8×10, its not available for that gallery….still show it, but have it disabled w/ a hover help that reads, ” your pro as opted to limit purchase sizes so your wall candy looks its best. please contact them directly to blah blah blah…” 🙂 This way, the user KNOWS that the print sizes are available, ie they are not crazy, and it gives them an option to contact the pro to see if accommodations could be made… 😀 This could also be a “toggleable” (new word) option. In a fine art gallery…I would never want to bother showing this….but maybe in a Team and Individual sports gallery I would.

      2. Hi Chris, if I can add my two pence worth…. I hate that customers crop my work but quite a few of them do (especially of their kids) so its great the feature is there. I think a gallery level (rather than price list level) option set by the owner to ‘hide products that require cropping’ would work for me and give flexibility. As Isaac suggested we could then enable or disable this based on the work in the gallery.

      3. Hi Chris, I am truly heartened by your positive response to this issue and by the input of others here.
        Let me say that so far some very valid points have been made.
        1.. My photography centers around Landscape and Seascape type work and i dont want that work to be cropped also I dont want the “average” buyer confronted with the further choices related to cropping.
        2.. You have pointed out that there is quite often requests for sizes such as 4×6, 8×10 etc.
        How frequent are these requests in in the overall scheme of things ?
        What do you think is the buyers reason for these different size requests ?
        3.. Speaking for myself Chris, if it was deemed genuinely useful to a buyer, I would be prepared to present each image in two different sizes ie 2/3 and 1/2 or 1/2 and 1/3 where photographically acceptable presentation could be maintained.
        4.. Taking note of the point made by John that in his experience in his field of work his customers frequently require cropping – this to me would suggest that for maximum flexibility, for all members, we should be looking looking at GALLERY LEVEL Settings.
        5.. The suggestion that we some how still discreetly offer cropping to Competent buyers is interesting ?
        But I definitely Do NOT want to see our Cart cluttered
        with sizes that Are NOT available.

        1. Hi Geoff, Isaac, and John,

          Thanks SO much for giving this so much thought. We’ve been talking about this a lot and have some designs we’re mulling over. It’s really critical to get this right because cropping is such a hot button issue, both from photographer and buyer points of view.

          We think offering a checkbox at the price list level saying something like “only display products that require no cropping” would be perfect for landscape photographers. We totally get that.

          Our fear is the family/portrait/event/sports photographers won’t fully know what that option means, that what it really means is they can’t offer 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10 prints from the same price list. And looking through our order data, ordering many sizes of the same photo is very common for wedding/family/team sports, etc.

          To the photographer who leaves enough negative space for the team photo, leaving the crop option on gives them more sales and fewer frustrated customers who can’t understand why the team photo is only available as a 4×6 and 8×12, a size they don’t want because it doesn’t fit their 8×10 frame.

          If we gray out the 8×10 option, we expect them to get frustrated because at sites they’re used to like Costco and Shutterfly, they get a requires cropping warning but they get to proceed.

          There are some other details like what to do about wrapped canvas, where the extra 2 inches on the sides means some cropping has to happen, and the customer has to become aware that some of the photo will be on the sides.

          Our current inclination is to enable the no cropping option in the price list with as much attention-grabbing info as we can provide, like this means 80% of products will not be available for purchase including 8x10s.

          Does that make sense?


          1. Hi Chris,
            I have just read your post of December 10 2014 at 11:16 am.
            Had you read my post of December 10 2014 at 2:30 am. regarding favoring
            gallery level instead of price list modification?
            I would be very interested in your response.
            I also agree that we should move forward slowly and consider all angles and input before final decision making.

          2. Hello again Chris – Happy to be able to provide some thoughts into this! 🙂

            I can understand the idea of applying the “no cropping” at the price list level – especially when thinking of the more “high volume” clients such as family/wedding/sports. The concern I had though is that if I check a box on a price list that is effecting 50, 75, 100 galleries it is difficult to visualize the true impact that would have on the individual images of a given gallery. If its at the gallery level, once the check box is applied (per my previous idea) perhaps a visual indicator could be shown in the OrganizeSite view that would notify the user that this image will not have any purchasable products (b/c of the no cropping option applied)…

            OR!!!!!! – This. Have the “no cropping” option at the price list level – but show the “warning indicator” w/in individual galleries – again, advising the user that, “This image will not have any available products for purchase based on its crop factor and the “no cropping” option that has been applied to this galleries price list.”

            I just think its important to quickly identify and advise which images are impacted. 🙂

          3. Many thanks for thinking this through with us, Isaac. We’re busy hashing out details and will see what we can do.

            All the best,

        2. Hi Geoff,

          As far as frequency of buying 4x6s, 5x7s, and 8x10s in a single order, the two extremes are landscape and school shooters. For landscapes, it’s almost never. For school, it’s very often. The design of the packages feature is primarily so photographers can get them to buy wallets, mid and large-sized images in one fell swoop.

          The thing is school shooters really know about leaving enough negative space to make the cropping come out okay. That can be much harder with sports, for example.

          I feel that the right level of setting is price list, not gallery, because family/wedding/sports shooters have a mind-blowing number of galleries. Also, with price list you can price individual images, like portraits.

          I hope this helps.


          1. Just a thought: if I see this right than the main problem is that one group of photographers would need the “no crop” on gallery-level while another group would be better off having it on price-list level. But no group so far (seems to me) would need it on both levels. So what about the following idea: give the option for no-crop on both gallery and price-list level as long as non of both is chosen the photographer can choose which one to use, but if one gallery is chosen the option will no longer be available on price-list level and vice versa – possibly having a message popping up that the option is not available because it is chosen at the “other” place. With that both parts would be satisfied, I think.

            Best regards


          2. Hi Chris,
            Thank you for your Last response to my most recent post.
            1.. When you said ” Also, with price list you can price individual images, like portraits.” is not this feature only available at the much more expensive “Business” level ???
            I for one, and I am sure hoards of others, require that any changes to “no cropping options” be available and workable at “Portfolio” level.
            2.. Another point has raised its head in my mind to further simplify the new Cart, if the option to “not show prints requiring cropping” is chosen (from wherever this choice is finally located) then this would mean that many fewer “Available print sizes” would now be listed in the Cart. In this case would it not be much simpler and less confusing to the buyer to just see the option of ONE list of “All available Print Sizes” instead of listing print sizes by Several Categories eg. Standard sizes, Special sizes and Pano sizes???
            3.. I thought the input by Webkie re two groups and two Levels had real merit !!!
            I see this as a golden opportunity to to make the New Cart the BEST THAT IT CAN BE.
            Please keep you input coming so that the SmugMug team may make a most informed decision regarding this important issue.
            Cheers to all.

  20. This greatly improves visibility of the digital download option. Thanks.

    Showing “Add to Photo Package” after “Buy > This Photo” would be a big help as well.

    1. Hey Patrick, Thanks for the suggestion. We love hearing it and we’ll consider it when we’re ready to make more additions. Have a great weekend!

  21. Thanks for working on this. I noticed this year (after shooting 6 years of Nutcracker photos), that most of my sales have now gravitated to digital downloads. I think the new format has made the digital download option more obvious. This is fine with me – whatever the customer is looking for!

    1. Hey Peter, that’s great to hear that download sales have been working well for you, and we certainly hope you’re able to sell even more of them with the new design. Cheers!

    1. Hi Michael, after you click “Buy Photos,” you’ll get to choose the products you want to purchase, then add those to your cart via the “Add to Cart” button. It looks like we initially had the incorrect copy for the button instructions, but we’ve fixed that now.

      Thanks for pointing that out!

  22. Nice Work SmugMug Team on the new cart. I too would like to see framing and finishing options included in the cart. I also wanted to suggest removing the branding from the print shops that clients see. I often have competitor’s checking my site to see who my production is gone through. I want to protect my brand as I do lots of custom fine art and the snoopers want to know who I print through. That is something I would like to have the option of showing them or now. Keep up the great work though, I love the site and plan on continuing to use it as you continue to upgrade to make things easier for us all. Great support too! Thanks Superhero’s. 🙂

    1. Hi Julie and thanks for checking in with us! That’s fair feedback and I’ll be sure our Product team sees your reasoning and request. One question, though: When you’re talking about branding of print shops, are you referring to the SmugMug brand or the lab itself (Bay Photo, EZ Prints, WHCC, Loxley Colour)?

      For now, the matting and framing options are found in the checkout portion of the cart, under “Add Frames and More” (via Bay Photo) but we understand the desire to have that surfaced earlier in the process.

      We’re glad to hear things have been going great for you and we hope your clients find it easier, too.

      1. Hey Thanks for your quick reply! The branding logos I was talking about is the print labs themselves. I have rminimized the SmugMug branding off my site homepage so that’s not an issue. But; it does appear across the email sharing and other parts of the site prominently. The labs branding is on everything; even the example pages of the print products that I could share online. I am aware the only way to truly hid the hosting site is to have my very own pages and there has to be some compromise but as a up and coming pro, I’m trying to establish my unique branding and as competition is what it is, I wanted the focus on myself and my work instead of the print labs. I hope this clarifies. Thanks again!

        1. Hi Julie, and yes, that helps us a lot. We really appreciate you circling back to us and we have heard from pros that they don’t want any other brands on their site. One thing we recommend is (if you can) to order a set of sample prints of your own photos that you can show your clients when you meet with them. It’s a great way to introduce the quality of the final product without taking away from your brand, but it won’t work for every business model.

          Thanks again and have a great weekend!

  23. I just had a customer tell me that they really like the new checkout design. They said it was a bit smoother and required them to accomplish less steps. Any time a customer is happy, I am happy. BUT, on possibly an unrelated issue, they were using IE11 and said they could not see all the directional arrows to scroll through the photos. They usually see them, so they knew they were there – all they could see were blank boxes ???

    1. Hi Joey! It sounds like it could be a case of your customer having zoomed their browser, which causes that window and shift around. Could you try asking them to hit Ctrl+0 to reset that? Additionally, they can try clearing the browser’s cache. Here’s how to do that in IE: http://smu.gs/1sFNEip

      Thanks so much for sharing their feedback with us, and please let our Support Heroes know if you have other questions!

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